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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Dec 15, 2013

This week we're discussing ways to get your geocaching mojo back.

Have you ever had moments when you just don't have any motivation for going out Geocaching?  If you have, then this show may be of use.  The tips we discuss are:

  1. Phone a friend
  2. Don't make geocaching your main goal, connect it with another activity
  3. Try something new 
  4. Cache with a newbie 
  5. Make an occasion of it
  6. Use your stats
  7. Photos/videos
  8. Plan ahead
  9. Yorkshire Yellow recommends placing a cache or two 
  10. Don't go Geocaching


Before we get in to that, we've had some feedback on last weeks show - Urban v Countryside Geocaching.  You can find the show notes for that episode at  The debate between Cache Zilla and Doctor D got very heated, so which side was the winner?  Urban or Countryside?

Corey Stevens on Google+ said "During the cold spell I like the urban caching better because I'm closer to my car, but when it's warm enough, I would rather be in the good ol' outback!

Darryl Wattenberg on Google+ The coffee shop thing mentioned in that show was one of the points I liked. There's nothing like grabbing a hot beverage on warming up in the shop (especially if they have a fire place!) on a cold caching day.

With the feedback we mentioned in the show and the above comments, we'd say it was a draw.

On episode 6 - What to do when you can't Geocache - Doctor D and BananaSource turned the simple task of reading out events and news in to, well, lets just say it didn't run smoothly.  We received some unexpected feedback on that:

Message from Yorkshire Yellow:

I'm just listening to your 'news' section on podcast  - the one with all the 11-12-13 events.

I never knew two people reading a list of events and nattering could be so entertaining!

Keep up the good work guys.

We try not to mess up too badly, but we're glad it's entertaining when we do.  We'll be hearing a bit more from Yorkshire Yellow, later in the show.

If you have any comments on this show, past shows, or anything else geocaching related then please send it to  You can also find us on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest - go to for links to those.

News & Events

We try to look at least a week ahead on events - to give you chance to plan if there is something that grabs your attention.  The week we're focusing on is 23rd to 29th December, so its understandably a little light on events:

Flashy Christmas 
by Santa's Little Helper | GC4V8ZR | Eastern England, United Kingdom

Bahh Humbug ... Its a BAD Christmas
by SantaJax | GC4V5TT | Southern England, United Kingdom

Elsewhere in news.  If you're a regular listener, you'll know we do like our nature ewe's.  Have you ever been caught short when out Geocaching?  Then you need to Peebol by Shewee.

The Peebol is a disposable urinal bag which converts liquid into a deodorized non-spill gel within seconds.

The bag can be used multiple times, holds up to one litre and can be disposed of in a regular waste bin.

This was seen in an article on the Construction Enquirer website.  It was represented as a solution for desperate crane drivers, but it looks ideal for Geocachers too.  The Peebol can be bought direct from the Shewee website, the sell at £10 for 8 bags.  Or you could just wee in the woods.

Video of the week

Creative Geocache Hide by Vinnie 181.  Clever cache, connected to an underground pipe.


Have you lost your Geocaching mojo?  Is the cold weather making going Geocaching less attractive?  Did you go on an extended streak, after the big month of geocaching in August, and are now finding yourself cache fading?  Well, fear not, we have some tips that may help you get your mojo back.

We enjoy geocaching, but life and weather get in the way sometimes.  We even had a point last year where we'd gone mad in August and Geocaching had stopped being fun.

Geocacher Yorkshire Yellow e mailed, summing up some of the reasons he cache faded.  He says:

"I feel like I've lost my geocaching mojo somewhat of late.  It coincided with my August Streak although may just be down to what else I've got going on and a turn in the weather."  

All this is very good, BUT WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT, you may be asking.  So, on to the tips:

  1. Phone a friend - we do it when we're stuck finding a cache.  So why not when we're stuck for motivation to cache?  If they still have their mojo, then this may rub off on to you.  Or if you're both in a slump, you can motivate each other.
  2. Don't make geocaching your main goal, connect it with another activity - this way you'll already be out, which can sometimes be the hardest part when you have no motivation.  If the other activity is fun, then you may also find yourself linking that fun to doing the geocache too.  You may even want to use geocaching as a reason to do something else - such as keep fit.  If keeping fit is your main goal, then look at geocaching as a means to an end.
  3. Try something new - maybe it isn't Geocaching that is the problem, maybe it is the types of caches you're finding.  A hundred micro's on the trot may get a little tiresome.  Yorkshire Yellow recommends night caches, underground/bunker caches, earth cache.
  4. Cache with a newbie - similar to phone a friend, but you're showing someone the ropes.  Their enthusiasm may rub off on you, or just the teaching may help you look at caching from a different perspective.  Taking children out can be a great pick me up.  Seeing their excitement when they find their first geocache is brilliant.
  5. Make an occasion of it - pick out a highly favourited cache, or a good series, where you can have a picnic/bbq.  Take family and friends.  Turn it in to a fun day out.  You'll get home having found some great caches and will have had a great occasion to remember too.
  6. Use your stats - they can be used to set yourself goals/challenges.  From filling up your calendar, D/T grid to caching on every continent.  The goals and challenges are as varied as you want.
  7. Photos/videos - if you take photos or videos of your geocaching days out, take a look at them.  Take a trip down memory lane.  That nostalgia may be enough to re-motivate you.
  8. Plan ahead - if you're not in a slump, then this one is for you.  Plan for a time when you may hit a slump.  Have a highly rated cache in reserve for such a time, keep that PAF on speed dial, have the emergency picnic basket on standby.  Okay, the picnic may not be practical.  But if you love Geocaching, then there is no harm in planning for times when it becomes more like a chore.
  9. Yorkshire Yellow recommends placing a cache or two -  There is a natural excitement about placing geocaches.  The planning, nervous tension when it is activated, the thrill of reading the logs as they come in.
  10. Don't go Geocaching - this is the last thing we'd recommend.  But the cliche absence makes the heart grow fonder applies here.  After some time out, you may find yourself missing it.

We'd like to thank Yorkshire Yellow, for his input in to this discussion.  When planning the show we'd drawn up a list of tips, Yorkshire Yellow came up with similar points but also added some examples.  We used some of those examples in todays discussion.

We use our social media sites to give advanced warning of show discussions.  We also post the upcoming show theme on  If you'd like to be involved in the discussions please send feedback through the website, our social media sites or to

Our Week

BananaSource did a cache in Leeds - GC2E8FW The Aire Below – Waterfront Walk 3, A cache by SpikyTyke. Also started planning the next series of hides.

Cache Zilla went to the Curve in Leicester

Doctor D Did nothing, apparently.