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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Jun 22, 2014

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Last Week..

Getting to 500 turned out to be harder than it sounded.

Mooonie 2 - The Lambrettas A cache by Mooonwitch - GC5372R

Mooonie 3 - Culture Club A cache by Mooonwitch - GC53731


Mooonie 4 - Paul McCartney and his Chorus A cache by 

Jun 16, 2014

This weeks discussion - what can we learn through Geocaching?  Doctor D compliments Canada and Australia (we apologise in advance to our American listeners)

Last Week..

Church Micro 5901 ... Osgathorpe A cache by GeoSandJLeo - GC56GDD

Missed the FTF by a matter of minutes.  Saw the FTF hound as he was leaving the...

Jun 9, 2014

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Last Week..

Failed attempt at an EarthCache - Castle Rock EarthCache Nottingham (GC27063)

But we did find The Hemlock Stone - Fact or Fiction (GC20EW1)








BananaSource on June's The UK Geocaching Podcast

Jun 1, 2014

Join us this week for a discussion about the necessity of paper logs in Geocaches

Last Week...

Check out the blog for our interview only show with The GCDoc

Whats your nemesis cache?

One of ours was Little Church by Jacaru - now archived.

Scott Berks The lonesome bridge by tnt63 GC217PN. "Spent...