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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Sep 28, 2014

Last Week..

Congratulations to Wemnog and Jacaru - they tied the knot this week.

GC58E0M Born to be Wild by stuarthowe11

GC58E0B 28 Days Later - Entrance to Abandoned Road by stuarthowe11

GC2B6XA - the jewellery box by rainbowteen

Two more episodes of Chasing Smilies are ready for release, in fact episode 3 is...

Sep 22, 2014

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Last Week..

GC4AV9P - The Return Of Trent Approach by Jacaru - a collaborative find with a fellow geocacher and a muggle.

GC57NRN - Pirates On The Trent by JACARU - a unique and fun event


Thanks to cacher moan-a-lot,...

Sep 14, 2014

As well as the interview we also discuss the Michelin Quest, GeoPaul has a special comeptition video and much more.

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Last Week..

Doctor D finally logged his #7SofA caches - well BananaSource did it for him.

BananaSource recorded a "pilot" and first two...