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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Nov 28, 2014

This week on the Oh Beep Geocaching podcast. Its a US invasion!

Mark has to produce, so just we need to just tell him to add various sounds at various times, make him work for it.

Scott: Knocked out five DeLorme pages and six counties, 5 virtuals. Little Wrigley Field



Nov 23, 2014

To celebrate getting to 50 episodes, Doctor D and BananaSource record the show live. What could possible go wrong?

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Last Week..

Best Caches of the day -

GC3JJEZ - DIY and Amber by Julie&Dave&Dad

GC3JK7N - Tack and Amber by Julie&Dave&Dad

GC3JK71 - Red and...

Nov 16, 2014

Doctor D & Bananasource discuss their favourite Geocaches, GPS art and a new film about Geocaching.

Last Week..

Inspired by a post on the Peterborough Geocachers UK Facebook page.  They were asking people to list their favourite caches in that area.  Later in the week, we received a message from a listener who is...

Nov 8, 2014

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Last Week..

Out and about with Moan-a-lot and the silent child.   The series we did:

Kia's Ramsdale Roam Series by glamrockangels: Starts with GC4VVQ6, a series of 12 caches (approximately 3 miles walking in total).  BananaSource didn't do too well...