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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Jan 25, 2015

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Our interview with Eric, PR/Special Media Manager for - with news on Whereigo, Lab Caches, the various apps and why the UK pays more for premium membership

This Week..

Our interview with Eric, PR/Special Media Manager for 

Jan 18, 2015

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This week..

An interview with Jayme, the user insight analyst, from

Nottinghamshire Geocaching Awards

News on GeoTalk host SpinDoc

Someone ASKS Dr D to offensive them

The secrets of NiMH (batteries) from GGH

and Ey Up Me Duck...

Jan 11, 2015

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Last Week..

This episode was recorded straight after episode 55, we didn't find any caches in the five minutes between recording.


From Redbeard4570..

For 12/13/14 I decided to challenge myself to 4 events on the same day. To add to the fun I...

Jan 4, 2015

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Last Week/Year..

Two DNF's is all we have to show for ourselves when it comes to Geocaching, since the last show.

Our goals from 2014..

BananaSource - hit 600 cache finds (we were on 400 at the time).  So 200 in the year.  Also to go to more...