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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Mar 29, 2015

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This Week..

A listener milestone

A simple find ends up with Sophie hanging upside down

Police mistake a gnome for a drug runner

What does Doctor D listen to when caching?

We announce the winner of the March Ey Up Me Duck Challenge

Last Week..

Mar 15, 2015

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This Week..

The GCDoc does a dumb thing

We're trying out a new live streaming app

News on The Great Norfolk to Norfolk TB Race 2015

Doctor D tackles the issue of buried Geocaches

What is the corrected co-ords feature on

For once...

Mar 1, 2015

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This week..

Doctor D tackles the issue of favourite point etiquette.

Can half asleep teenagers be trusted to navigate?

News on #UKGeocachingHour

The silent searcher has locals stumped with his latest hide.

An American attempts to find some Church...