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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Oct 1, 2016

This Week..

Moan-A-Lot joins us to share some of his Geocaching rants.

Rant 1.

People who don't log their finds on the listing site.

Doctor D finally moves on the Evil Feathers TB.

Ask Doctor D..

From Docfirewoman

How do you get your Geocaching mojo back?

Rant 2.

Lamp post Geocaches in the UK compared with the...

Sep 25, 2016

This Week...

Dannon, from Team Pugatch, joins us for discussion about Geocaching, his youtube channel and beer. Plus a lot more.

Check out Danno's Youtube channel, Get Lost! with Team Pugatch

Danno did a brilliant video advertising his appearance:

Aug 27, 2016

Back in October 2013 the GeogearHeads podcast ( did an episode about the History of Podcasting ( This episode featured Rob Walch, from media hosting site Libsyn.

Without the above podcast episode there would be no Oh Beep! After hearing it, we had...

Aug 15, 2016

Another out and about episode. We attempt an 8 stage multi geocache, with the aid of the Geocaching Buddy app.

The Geocache:

GC3MZRH Jubilation by kitty baily.


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Aug 7, 2016

This week's show is recorded entirely out and about, whilst we're geocaching. Doctor D was given the task of find three geocaches using only screenshots from Google Earth.

First Geocache GC6GNJB - VS #635 Castle Donington A cache by rr300tdi

Second Geocache GC5W2KD REALLY SideTracked - Castle Donnington A cache by