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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Nov 7, 2018

This week on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast...

Mark reintroduces the show, giving a bit of an update on why.  Nothing exciting really in this episode.  It's good to be back.


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Mar 7, 2016


StaticJay rant about Moan-A-Lot

Moan-A-Lots new FB group

Countries we’ve experienced?

Before you go -

In date passport -  Miss Watto’s ran out before we went to Ireland

Do you even need a passport?

Think about what you wear when when travelling, it can cause...

Mar 1, 2015

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This week..

Doctor D tackles the issue of favourite point etiquette.

Can half asleep teenagers be trusted to navigate?

News on #UKGeocachingHour

The silent searcher has locals stumped with his latest hide.

An American attempts to find some Church...

Oct 12, 2014

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Last Week..

One cache find:

GC58E06 - 28 Days Later - Abandoned Road by stuarthowe11

Not a cache to do after dark - I got a real chill from being here placing the cache at 6pm


We were wanting to do