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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Aug 25, 2014

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Last Week..

We finally got out Puzzler badge.  As planned, it was GC55AQK Church Micro 5845...Kegworth by stuarthowe11

Then we got our Sightseer badge - GC4MRM5 - BUGS & BEASTIES TRAIL by RAYNSYLV

Doctor D did something VERY unusual.

We've started planning our next cache hide.  Doctor Who related and inspired by DarrylW4's Blue Box Series:

Tardis Cache Contaner

Series 1 Blue Box GC5B1MQ

Series 2 Blue Box GC5B1MF

Series 3 Blue Box GC5B0YA

Series 4 Blue Box GC5B0Y4

Series 5 Blue Box GC5AYY1

Series 6 Blue Box GC5AYXR

Series 7 Blue Box GC5A1P6

Congratulations to Heth and Dan aka Cache on Wheels and Bull Family, who celebrated their 18th Wedding Anniversary on 23rd August, they are currently in Scheibenhard (shy Ben hard) in Alsace (Al sass).  Heth and Family would also like to wish Dave Palmer ( Deceagni ) and his wife a happy anniversary too, who share the same Date Happy caching everyone.


From show number 35, Geocaching Travellers/Geocoins – What do you do with yours?

Tim Hewison

Love the idea of the Bank Job. If the Minifigs get caught, they could be put in my Reading Gaol for Minifigs GC52Z8F

The GCDoc has an exciting Doctor Who related announcement.

BananaSource got the Shortyknits voice wrong:

From Alex Brydon (@(B my geocaching name)

Hello Mark and Sam,

This is for the most resent podcast. And I agree with you Mark when you said Sam is not nice to the Americans but is very nice to Canada!

I didn't like your 'women' accent, it sounds nothing like a lady!

Keep up the good podcasts!

thanks for the podcasts,

It's you Emoji Scott berks!!Emoji

doctor dA shocking revelation, Doctor D has known Shorty for years - what is the 11 on his shirt for?  Shortyknits thinks its all about being one louder.  There is also the theory that they are knitting needles.  What do you think?

We also got this e mail from Shortyknits:

Doctor D,

It has been a sad week. How could you pretend to not know me after everything? I'm heartbroken.......shortyknits

Dumb Things Geocachers Do..

Greetings from Kansas USA! I listen and greatly enjoy your podcast program. Here is a cache find posting I made for a multicache I found while caching with 2 other cachers. GC58R4X The Necropolis At Mount Allen by ottieolsen is the cache. Feel free to use it on your show if you would like to.

Here it is, Excellent multi! Good fun, good history. And if you aren\'t operating at 100% and don\'t get the decimal point at the right spot you can turn it into a 5 spot multi!!! Oh, did I say 5??? Try 6 if you screw up on the decimal location twice!!! LOL!!! And if you are so multi talented (get the pun???) as I am you can visit 2 locations that neither is correct, yet both are excellent locations for a container!!! (lots more LOL! Either that or cry!) Soooo, after an extra 45 minutes of searching that would have worked for an episode of either CSI or NCIS, we (caching with 2 over cachers) FINALLY got to the correct location for the final!!! Bells rang, horns honked, fans cheered! (In my mind they did anyways! But it may have been from the heat!) We were rewarded with another ottieolsen class, not what we were expecting, cache container! Thanks again for another awesome cache in the Hays area! Cachers are always telling of the wonderful things that they have discovered and learned from Geocaching. I agree! Now I can add double checking info, repeatedly, to that list! Cache on! Podcast on! Redbeard4570

Nemesis Geocache..

D D & B S,

I really enjoy the banter between you two.

As of this month, August, my nemisis cache(s) are Mystery/Puzzle Caches and Multi-Caches. It seems that ever since the 7SofA, I can't find the final or the next stage to get the souvenir. As of this email, I have less than two weeks to get these last two cache types. To top it off, I've found all the Mystery and Multi's in my town and neighboring town, so I have to travel 15-30 miles one way just to fail. I don't know if I'll get all seven souvenirs.

Doctor D,

I wouldn't worry about Scott Berks and a "plane ticket", I've heard that he won't drive into downtown Chicago to go geocaching. So you're probably safe...but then again, you are talking messin' with his girl. :-0

Listening from NW Indiana and loving the show.

Keep up the good work,

Ask Doctor D..

Tony Liddell what's the ultimate achievement in caching, eg most finds, most 5/5s, covering most counties etc

Travelbug Race..

Oh Beep! Where are my other legs? is still in Wales and hasn't moved.

The Monkey King's Southern S@m is still in Bayern, Germany.

GeoPaul's Video of the Week..

Prostitute Geocache!!! By Geocache Spoilers

Check GeoPaul’s Youtube channel HERE


What makes geocaching so great and unique, in comparison to other activities?

  • Its a "make your own adventure" activity. You tweak what, when, where, why, who and how to make the game unique.
  • It's a tour guide  Dave DeBaeremaeker "I've learned so much history about my town, and may other towns, that I never would have found without caching."
  • It gives you a reason to explore
  • It can make socialiser out of the most delicate of wallflowers Dave "I am not a social butterfly - just ask my wife about how cranky I get after spending a few hours at most social events.  Make it a social gathering of geocachers, and I am  there all day, and wanting more the next day.  Being amongst ones tribe is a good thing, and among geocachers, I've found my tribe."
  • Cache On Wheels Geocaching "Geocaching can be done by everyone, we can't get them all but there's plenty to choose from. It encourages you to meet knew people, explore our wonderful world, learn historic and geological facts. It encourages us to get out and about giving us a purpose and plan where to go, or be able to do it ad hoc.
    Oh and you get pretty pics to out on your profile page."

News & Events..


3D GPS for the blind


by gyouareyou | GC5AA7X | Nebraska 13/9/14

Who meets the Germans 
by RubysRudel | GC5BE7G | New York 13/9/14

Dartmoor Bi-Monthly Midweek Event #15 
by Finder-Man | GC5ANCE | South West England, United Kingdom 17/9/14

Geocaching meets StarTrek 
by seekon | GC55CQJ | London, United Kingdom 2/10/14

CCARF14 - Vehicle Inspection (Launch event) 
by CCARF organizers | GC5851G | Alberta, Canada 20/9/14

by ThePacman | GC5BFE6 | Victoria, Australia 18/9/14

7 Souvenirs of August - Última Oportunidad 
by kasiMEGA TEAM | GC5AEW0 | País Vasco, Spain 30/08/14

[CE2014] - Cluster Event - 2014 
by Dr. Explain | GC59X6C | Flevoland, Netherlands 30/8/14

Wolfsburger Gc-Stammtisch 
by Sterne-Deluxe | GC5BD88 | Niedersachsen, Germany 14/9/14