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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Mar 30, 2014

episode 23This week on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast we ask should there be a limit put on the number of caches you can hide? What is the oddest thing you've found while out caching? Feedback, News & Events and Video of the Week...

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Last Week...

Terrachache...3 days to find a sonic screwdriver

Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver by sfcchazLC7R4

Whats the oddest thing you've found when out caching? For us it was ladies underwear.  Some of the answers from social media:

UK Geocacher I have found two safes. Clearly taken to the wilderness to be ‘opened in private’ after their owners forgot the keys.  One was in Cambridge and the other in Reading. The only common denominator was me. They will never take me alive.

Lisa George A pair of manikin legs!

SangueG  lol, the mind boggles, but I found something very similar too :D ... What made our find funnier was what was next to it, what does Eore get up to? Was your find out in a wood? 


Because of Geocaching...


From Corey Stevens - Here's a question for Dr. D(uck). If you were to create a cache that is rated a 5/5, what would it be like?

From Scott Berks -

Hey Guys,

It's Scott Berks from the Chicago Geocacher Podcast, and one of the creators of going "full tangent" on a geocaching podcast. It's nice to hear (re: ep 22) that as we are on our way out, that tangents will continue on a geocaching podcast. Yes, you can steal that from us. The tangents made me laugh. Nice work!

Dr.D(uck) your voice is great. I meant that as a complete compliment on my podcast. Along with your accent, it cracks me up. Don't change a thing.

Question for Doctor D...

Who's your doctor? Mine's Peter Davison. Although technically, my first episode was Tom Bakers last (Logopolis). So who is it technically? Tom or Peter? Discuss.(see how I created a tangent right there?)

Great show guys. Sophie's absolutely adorable. Someone punch dad while on air for me.

News & Events...

Grub Over Yonder
by Jacaru & Wemnog | GC4XHX0 | 12/04/2014 - The Peak District, United Kingdom

Jacaru & Wemnog's Back To Basics Camping Event
by Jacaru Welcomes You To | GC4QM13 | 11/04/2014 - The Peak District, United Kingdom

Northants Natters Sweet #16
by gingermaceinuk | GC50V26 | 08/04/2014 - Northampton, United Kingdom

by gladstone8 | GC4Z7YB | 12/04/2014 - Peterborough, United Kingdom

BBH#76 Bordering on the Careless
by Simply Paul | GC49CTP | 14/04/2014 - Aylesbury, United Kingdom

Anglo-Irish Meet & Greet
by sarahmur | GC4YX0Q | 13/04/2014 - Saffron Walden, United Kingdom

by The Teddies | GC50YTN | 08/04/2014 - Newbury, United Kingdom

Other News...

Dr Who enthusiast erects full-size Dalek in his Muddiford garden

By NDJDawn  |  Posted: March 05, 2014

Story from The North Devon Journal

A full-scale Dalek has appeared outside a cottage in Muddiford, attracting the attention of Dr Who enthusiasts across the county.

Phil Stroud, 65, built the Dalek seven years ago as a project with Barnstaple Youth House and as an avid Dr Who fan celebrated the 50th anniversary by putting the character on display.

The figure currently looks out onto the road, which has surprised many passers-by and it has even been registered on a geocaching website.

"The Dalek has become like the camel statues on the motorway, I suppose it is a bit of landmark now," said Phil.

"I built it with the youth house years back; it took a couple of months to build. And when there was a commotion about the Dr Who 50th anniversary over Christmas, I thought this would be the perfect time to put it on show.

"I was a bit sneaky when I took the Dalek out of the garage, it was late in the evening and I had to bring the sculpture out in pieces and assemble it in the garden."

"I originally put it outside thinking it would just stay for a few weeks. Now it has drawn so much attention, I suppose I'm stuck with it."

Phil has been sculpting and creating props throughout his life and career, following his study of 3-D Design at the Guildford School of Art, he went on to create work for artist David Mach and even created a sculpture for the Imperial War Museum.

The Dalek figure is functional and has been used for fundraising events in Devon with the Barnstaple Youth House, and it was even entered into a dancing competition.

"I took the Dalek to a Dr Who themed dancing competition in Torquay a while back too and won a prize," said Phil. "We had the theme music and people saying 'exterminate', it was brilliant."

"So many people have stopped by the house and asked me about it, one man even offered to buy it; of course I told him it wasn't for sale. But then he showed me a photo of one he was building himself which is great."

"I will keep the Dalek in front of my house now for as long as I can."

Treasure hunt for the Wolds project

Story from The Louth Leader

The community heritage project Down Your Wold is appealing for volunteers to help lay heritage related geocaches at various locations throughout the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Geocaching is known as a modern day treasure hunt where participants use their smart phone’s GPS system to navigate through clues to find a hidden container.

Down Your Wold project officer, Sam Phillips, said: “The training sessions are open to people who would like to lay a geocache in their village or favourite Wolds walk.

“It is hoped that the hidden treasure will encourage people to enjoy the countryside, explore our wonderful Wolds villages and learn more about the fascinating heritage of our local landscape.”

Anyone wanting to be involved or interested to learn more is invited to attend one of four training sessions planned this April.

The two hour training session will be provided by Mike Eckersley, Chairman of Market Rasen Walkers are Welcome.

The session will include an introduction for beginners followed by an opportunity for volunteers to sign up to a location and become part of this exciting initiative.

The training sessions will take place on the following dates; volunteers only need to attend one session -

Wednesday April 9

Afternoon session in Walesby Village Hall at 1.30pm.

Evening session in Nettleton Village Hall at 6.30pm.

Friday April 25

Afternoon session in the Orchard Gallery at Gunby Hall and Gardens at 1.30pm.

Evening Session in Hemingby Village Hall at 6.30pm.

Parking is available at all venues and refreshments will be provided.

For more information on Down Your Wold please visit or call 01507 609740.

The Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is a nationally important and protected landscape, 216 square miles (558 sq km) was designated an AONB in 1973.

Website... - Created by Mark and Stacie Weber and Chris Farris.  You will not only find information here, but step-by-step instructions about how to Geocache and other related subjects.

Video of the week...

Cool Electronic Geocache - Geocachespoilers.

Limiting Cache Owner Hides Debate...


  • Can help reduction of saturation in an area - allowing more opportunity for others
  • Someone else may have an idea that works better in an area that has been monopolised by one person
  • May make maintenance easier -  less caches to maintain could make it quicker and easier to do so
  • It may help improve quality - why waste your limited hides on bad caches/locations
  • If the limit is reached and the CO want's to put another cache out, then they archive one they already have out.  This releases an area for someone else.  It helps refresh areas for hunters.
  • For every person who leaves the game because of such a rule, more will fill the void


  • People should be allowed to hide as many as they want - its their time, money and effort
  • There are always ways around these things - multiple accounts, etc.  So, whats the point?
  • If one listing site imposes this rule, then people will move to another that doesn't
  • If its just about quality - finders can limit their search criteria (by favourite points for example)
  • Without people willing to hide caches, there is no game - they should be encouraged, not discouraged
  • Where is the evidence for reduced quality/maintenance resulting from the number of hides a CO has?

Feedback on this:

Tony Liddell Difficult one. I think not, provided you're prepared to keep up the maintenance

Mark Pickard Agree with Tony Liddell with out co's the game would die! It amazes me the number of ppl with a 1000+ finds that don't own a single cache, surely it can't be a case of take take take all the time? But that's a different topic

Karl Brydon Quality and maintenance is more important - no limit on good, well paced, interesting and maintained caches. All other caches should be limited to none

Mark Pickard But then on the subject of maintenence, how difficult is it to carry a few spare logs around with you? I'm amazed that a large proportion of folk don't, I know for a fact I have a full log in 1 of my caches but a certain thing called real life has meant I haven't been able to get to it to replace it yet, and I appreciate it when they do get swapped for me as it gives me a little more time to go caching myself

UKGeocacher Yes. Approx 10% of your total finds. This ensures that you know what makes a quality hide. Also 2 many maint becomes a problem

Sarah Clark: I don't think there should be a limit but I do think COs need to be responsible. If you can't maintain what you have then you shouldn't be making new hides.

the Monkey King: There shouldn't be a limit, otherwise there wouldn't be any more caches to find. On the other hand, if a CO is hiding really bad caches, then there should be a limit so as to improve the caches being hidden. More caches, better caches.

Next Week...

The first Oh Beep! pub quiz...