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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Nov 29, 2015

This Week..

Follow up on our Wherigo adventure

UK have idiot muggles too

Did we cause a bomb scare?

Doctor Who beer

Funny street names

Last Week.. 1:08

On episode 80 ( you will have heard us out and about doing a Wherigo (Tempus Fugit), which we didn’t find due to the app crashing.

We checked the previous logs and it seems that we weren’t the only ones who it crashed for. Seems it happened in the same stage for a number of people, using different devices on the hunt.

Shout out to Sarah Murphy (aka The Geocaching Junkie) who has a very good Geocaching related blog.  As requested by Moan-A-Lot.

Cache On Wheels has also joined the Periscopes. Expect some deep dive information filled scopes.

Ask Dr D.. 7:09

I have a question for Dr D if he doesn't log his finds, how does he keep track of which caches he has already found?

Keep up the great work guys :)

Look forward to the next podcast,



There may be a competitor for Ask Doctor the form of Dear Geocache Guy

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do.. 13:14

From Geolumpiz 2016

When you realise you walked straight past a possible FTF on a #geocache while doing a series


GeoPauls Video Of The Week.. 14:43

Geocaching | T5 compilation #5 by tehjimos

GGH Tips.. 15:56

A bit different this week. DarrylW4, co-host of GeoGearHeads, has been playing with the Apple Watch and a couple of Geocaching apps.

Ey Up Me Duck Challenge/#blamemoanalot.. 16:57

November Challenge:  

To Find either 1 cache in another country or 2 caches in 2 counties

Entries from Eric Beal and Lucie Melen

From Eric..

We are entering the eye up me duck challenge this month with two caches in two different county. The first is -GC65JZT- Stockton Springs 8  that is in Waldo County, Maine.

The second is -GC1M8P1- Glover's wig that is in Cumberland County, Maine.

Glover's wig cache was out last cache to get for completing the Fizzy Challenge which I sled down the hill and ripped open my finger nail, while my wife was rapping it up I wish MoanALot was there so I could blame him.

Thanks for a great podcast,

Eric Beal

Decembers Challenge

For those in Notts, they have to find 2 of the new Christmas caches that are going out daily. For others, 2 caches with Christmas related words in title.

News.. 26:25 making reviewers reveal themselves? This was discuss on episode 427 of The Geocaching Podcast. Our view:

  • How will this be enforced?
  • Why just new reviewers?
  • Why not give existing reviewers a period of time to decide if they want to carry on under the new rules or step down?
  • Why make them reveal themselves anyway? Seems like trouble waiting to happen.

Police confused by 'concerning' item in 'worrying location' - turns out to be a geocache (From  Oh the shame, its in the UK.

"For geocache enthusiasts out there, please continue to enjoy yourselves but do think about the item your are leaving and make sure it is marked as a geocache, the contents can be seen and be sure it cannot be mistaken for something harmful.

"Finally think about where you are placing it and who might need to know it is there."

Speculation about the "worrying location" included a rabbit hole or a water drainage system, possibly in Penrose woods, while one commenter said the "device" looked like " three tins of beans in some fishnet stockings."

There has been a bit of a bomb scare on one of the GWW Series caches, we did a couple of weeks ago (check to hear our adventures from that series). The cache in question is No Re-Morse GC5VQ7E. Note from the CO:

An update: Notts police have this cache in their possession and will be returning it to us sometime this week, this cache will be moved as it was muggled in it's recent location and reported as a bomb *sigh* please hang in there while we try and rectify this and find a new place to hide it

Feedback.. 37:30

From StridentUK

From Moan-A-Lot

Also from StridentUK Residence of Butthole Lane Dump Their Street Name

Where we’ve been/Where we’ll be.. 41:27

BananaSource appeared on a special Caching In The North West episode (LANMonkeys Geocaching Summit 2015)

BananaSource will also be on a special Cache and Release podcast on 13th December.

On December 24th (US time) BananaSource will also be on GeoGearHeads, joining Darryl, The Bad Cop and Scott Berks to discuss Live Streaming

Dr D’s Facts of the Uselessness.. 45:30

Turn your Xbox 360 in to an X Box One

The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit.. 46:35

Capaldi to stay on for another year as the Doctor (From

"Peter is keen to complete three years playing the Doctor to round off his storylines. That will take us until the end of next year. After that, who knows?”

However, the new series might be made up of several feature-length episodes rather than 13 shows.

Full size Lego Tardis

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