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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Jan 6, 2019

On This Weeks Show...

Whats going on with our preparation for The Macmillan Peak District Mighty Hike.


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How much have we raised?  Add link to Amy’s funding page.

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From Sebastian, on YouTube

"Nature poo" issue is nothing unusual. Talking about it is the same as talking about any other of aspect of hiking, at least among hikers. :)

Questions from the audience...

From @Seb_Mya on Twitter

I have some about the walk.

1. Do you like hiking at all?

2. Physical training is important but the real battle will be on a mental level - how will you prepare yourself for that.

3. Do you want to complete the walk no matter what (example: bad weather, injuries)?

General Topics...

What is the difference between a walk and a hike - talk about how my PT says I should walk the dog and take a hike, as if the two are different.

So it seems that hiking and walking often are the same thing, and the best outdoors people have difficulty in drawing the line of when a walk becomes a hike.

How has training gone this week?

What have we ticked off the to do list?

Photos From Previous Hikes...


Mark Mountain Goat

Amy Mam Tor

Amy Castleton


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