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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Nov 28, 2014

This week on the Oh Beep Geocaching podcast. Its a US invasion!

Mark has to produce, so just we need to just tell him to add various sounds at various times, make him work for it.

Scott: Knocked out five DeLorme pages and six counties, 5 virtuals. Little Wrigley Field


DUMB STUFF GEOCACHERS DO (Wally sing, their song blows)

Hey Oh Beep!

Well this could go down as either of 'Dumb stuff Geocachers do' or 'Nemesis Cache' but since you said you were out of both I thought I'd share our story.

My other half TT and I were on our way back from a weekend in Norfolk and saw a nice little set in Marham, not far from the RAF base.  A nice little series of eight with a bonus on a great November day - lovely!

We parked up and we were soon at the site of the first cache, we searched for about fifteen minutes and found a clip the right size for a 35mm container but even another ten minutes and we found nothing.  Oh well, maybe bad luck so off we went to the second.

Got there and spent another thirty minutes plodding around the wood looking all over but not a sign.  Blimey not a good start!

On to the third and another twenty minutes, nothing, fourth, same again, blimey are we losing the plot we thought!  4600 finds and we can't find any of these.

By the time we got to seven we were beginning to think there may be something else going on here - especially as there was only really one place this one could be and eight confirmed it - found the screw and glue on the underside of the fence post top, but no cache.

No data signal at site so had to wait a while.  As we were in deepest Norfolk we'd downloaded all the caches Friday, today was Sunday

- series archived Saturday - GRRR!!!

Oh well at least the series owner had cleaned up properly and it was an enjoyable walk!

Knew that would amuse you.

All the best and keep up the great podcast!

Stucuk (that's pronounced 'Stu', then 'c', then 'uk' by the way!) and TT


kab1972 - I have the Lewes Chalk Pit cache to find, after a few DNFs I discovered that the GZ had changed and I can’t find it there either

GCVZB2 Chalk Pit Capers by perfunctory butcher's


Is there a Geocache you’d re-visit?  What makes it special?

GEOPAULS VIDEO OF THE WEEK (mark play music)

A reminder that winter does end.  Geocaching in Spain -

GeoPaul and the family are on holiday in Spain, they only have ONE cache within a 25 mile radius.






NEWS (Mark, play the newsman sound)

Dead of Winter trailer released (geocaching movie)




Geocache triggers bomb scare on Shelbourne in Saanich (From

American ranch holidays: seeing the Wild West in style (From


Doctor D and BananaSauce - 600

scottberks - 11,400


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