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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Jun 12, 2016

This Week…

Dr D shares his feelings about people with no pens

Live recording of Dr D tasting his number one rated hot chocolate

Last Week..

Geocaching with StaticJay and Moan-A-Lot:

GC5CRB6 Molten Glass Arrangement A cache by KaosCL

GC66CQA Prestwold Amble by PlasmaWave

The series consists of 27 caches in total including two mystery bonus's

Also attempted the Gravely Hollow series and StatocJay attempted GC32REK Cold War Cache by jacaru:

GC50YGN Gravelly Hollow #01 Bright Eyes A cache by glamrockangels


Changes to the placing of caches/events in the UK (From

Another bomb scare (From

Dr D’s Hot Chocolate Review...

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

Get stuck (From Geocacher Rescued By Fire Brigade

Archive “classic” caches without considering putting them up for adoption.

Here are the steps to transfer the ownership of your geocache:

  1. Log in to your Geocaching account and visit the adoption page.
  2. Enter the GC code (GCXXX) and click "Lookup"
  3. Enter the username of the new owner and click "Go"
  4. Click on "Send Adoption Request"
  5. The potential new cache owner will receive an email.

Where to list your caches for adoption

Ask Dr D..

From ScrapCat…

How does Dr D feel about people who "forgot their pens" so they didn't sign the log but claims the find?

GGH Tips…

When approaching a Chamber of Commerce or Tourism Bureua for support of your #geocaching event or trail, have numbers ready for how it can help the local businesses. Craig of the West Bend Chamber of Commerce shared their experience on GGH196 and that's a good place to start. You can find that through the link to the show notes below;

Cache Or Trash…

A logbook (bit of paper), in a plastic bag, wedges into the crack of a wall.  No container.

Challenge Dr D…

He didn’t place a cache for the visit of StaticJay

What’s Murphy Been Up To…

Met some new cow friends.

Dr D’s Facts of the Uselessness…


The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..

Dalek sells for record 38k (From