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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Nov 16, 2014

Doctor D & Bananasource discuss their favourite Geocaches, GPS art and a new film about Geocaching.

Last Week..

Inspired by a post on the Peterborough Geocachers UK Facebook page.  They were asking people to list their favourite caches in that area.  Later in the week, we received a message from a listener who is visiting Nottingham asking a similar question about Nottingham.  Here are some of the caches we like and WHY we like them so much.

Crazy Golf Series by Spire67. A series of 20 caches - starting at Crazy Golf Hole 1 - Balls GC392Z4

The Crazy Golf Series of caches are located in Wollaton Park and Nottingham University Campus. I estimate that the Crazy Golf Series of caches will take about 5 hrs to complete

Nottingham Central Library by Jacaru GC3BRKM. This list wouldn't be complete without a Jacaru cache. We've talked at length about The Cold War Bunker.  BUT...the library cache is probably the only multi you will ever see us recommend - one of the few multis we actually enjoyed doing.

Notts LibraryMarch March marsh march by Huga GCE5B6.  An ammo can, hidden by the River Nene near March.  BananaSource did this cache with Miss Watto


A challenge from Jamie Robinson

I am challenging On the Sauce and Dr D to this one next summer GC43 Europe's FirstA cache by Chris O'Byrne

The cache description says the following:
Bray Head, County Wicklow, Ireland.

The first geocache in Europe, placed on 3rd June 2000 - just one month after the demise of selective availability.

On Facebook from Marcus Maximi 

Just listened to latest Oh beep and you discussed logging your own earthcache - I looked into this a few weeks ago in my blog post

So by visiting the site and composing the earthcache page you have accomplished those goals. So I would argue that you should be able to log your own earthcache.
However, the general consensus on the Geocaching UK Facebook group is that you shouldn't.

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

GeoPaul and BananaSource were having a conversation on Facebook about attending the Halloween Hides & Creepy Caches mega.  Whilst at the mega GeoPaul neglected to eat and drink.  Its essential, when out caching, to make sure you look after yourself - especially if its a long day.

Nemesis Geocache..

From Jamie Robinson

No mines still up a tree taunting me. I can see it but I don't want the tree filing for damages if I climb it.

It's on the Craigavon trail a really easy 40ish cache session that can be done in about 6 hours.

GC504KN CRAIGAVON TRAIL - 37 by odies-crew

Ask Doctor D..

From Moan-A-Lot

A ask Dr D Do you have to date as well as sign the log when finding a cache?

Travelbug Race..

Our Oh Beep! Where are my other legs? is now in Australia. Tracking History (11510.3mi).  Last known location: GC5AHKF The Amazing Chase event cache by Geocaching NSW

The Monkey King’s Southern S@m has finally moved, after 3 months in the wilderness.  Its currently in the hands of cacher Talitakumi and is doing the rounds in Hessen, Germany.

GeoPaul's Video of The Week..

The Chimney Geocache.  GeoPaul takes us on a historical adventure.





GPS Poppy
GPS Poppy in London Honors Soldiers (from

This year, 27-year-old British war veteran Ben McBean ran a total of 31 miles to draw the outline of a remembrance poppy on the streets of London. Then McBean, who was grievously injured in Afghanistan in 2008 and has a prosthetic leg, called to the public to run around the city and color in the flower. The public took up the call and ran more than 7,500 miles, coloring in the poppy almost completely as of yesterday and raising more than $23,000 (£ 15,000).

Looks like there is another Geocaching film in the works, this time from the UK and with an established actor at the helm, DOUGIE Sannachan.  Gregory's Girl star goes treasure hunting (From

 His first feature, Star Cash, is the tale of the world wide phenomenon of hi-tech treasure hunts, found via iPhones.

"There are five and half million people in the world who download the geocaching app and go looking for treasure in the likes of Mugdock Park.

"There are that many people who could be interested in watching this movie. There is a massive market and I want to get a deal to release the film."

He adds; "Bill Forsyth inspired me, and it's a zero budget film, using professional pals and helpers. It's taken me a year until now.

Doctor Who Lego Set (from