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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Mar 23, 2014

Ep 22 1400 x 1400This week on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast we're discussing how to find those WOW cache hiding locations....

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This week...

The Bean Trail in Packington by Gabbylamb GC4TGKF.  13 in the series.

Because of Geocaching...

Schnider from the U.S.


From Cache U Nutter...

Just listened to your latest podcast featuring geopaul (aka dr evil), excellent!.  Just to clarify the misconception

a) twas not a misspent youth

b) I never skived off school

I have found the location of my caches through close observations - mainly when out caching. Also have been known to scrutinise os maps and obscure historical publications.

I am a frustrated mountaineer and try to seek new adventures in the relatively cragless south east!

I started up extreme caching to feed my adrenaline craving and am really pleased to have wetted the appetites of so many others.

I have just moved up to the Midlands so watch out!  Once I get going you won\'t know whats hit you!

For information Paul mentioned 2 of my caches

Don't tell em your name pike GC49EMP


21 Century Schizoid Man GC39K6T

Keep up the good work


From Heather ask Cache On Wheels...

Happy Birthday Charlotte aka Horsey Mad Girl who is 14 on 28th March

I created and run a Facebook group called ‘Geocaching with Children’, now with the help of Rebecca, where we sharing our geocaching adventures with children, tips of caching with children, their opinions and comments of what makes a good cache and GC fun. Thanks to Rebecca, we also have a file on the group and a bookmark list on geocaching .com of caches that people recommend are great for children of all ages.

It’s really important for us to encourage our children with geocaching (GC), especially when they have ideas for creating and placing caches and wanting to arrange or host an event! It is great to see children so enthusiastic about GC and I think it is so important that we embrace and encourage their enthusiasm.

Ask Doctor D...

The Monkey King asks:   Is it right to log a travel bug find if someone posted an image with the code on the internet without the intention of letting others discover it?

News & Events...

From Heather aka Cache on Wheels...

Please could you give a mention to our son's first event that was published yesterday?

Holton Lee Revisited GC50M9E - An event cache by Geo Oly. Event Date: 27/04/2014

In Southern England, United Kingdom

It's a CITO Event , on International CITO weekend - Our son Geo Oly, 10 yrs old, is hosting his first event on Sunday 27th April 1:30pm-4pm with a picnic from 1pm..

The event is at Holton Lee, Poole, a CITO focusing on the conservation side of CITOs. Lots of activities suitable for all ages and abilities, including cob making.

We hosted an event there last year and established a new wildlife demonstration garden by planting lots of native shrubs and trees. The Land Owners have named it Cachers' Corner, we just need some kind person to help out making a sign for it  Here's a link to last years event:

CITOs are not only about collecting trash, but also about conservation and preserving our environment, which many people do not realise surprisingly. Here's a quote and link to Groundspeak's info: "Events might be focused on litter clean-up, removal of invasive species, revegetation efforts or building trails. Together, we make an enormous positive impact. Did we mention that we also have a bit of fun while we're at it?”

The 24 Hour Event by Jacaru Start point GC50G7P - End Point GC50G8B

Brummie Meet - Fools Rush out...
by Ruby Rat | GC4ZVV8 | West Midlands, United Kingdom

Makers Madness!
by Guiding Nutter | GC501FV | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Berkshire - Maker Madness - Meet The Makers! 
by JJEF | GC4ZM3B | Southern England, United Kingdom

Maker Madness Midlands
by BenandJules | GC4ZPBT | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Milvus-Milvus Maker Madness
by milvus-milvus | GC4ZEVH | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Swanning around at Fradley Junction 5
by The Mighty Shark & Magwai | GC4ZRRN | West Midlands, United Kingdom

Maker Madness and Mayhem
by Evil Edna | GC4Z9HT | Southern England, United Kingdom

Mercian Makers Madness
by sharant | GC509BC | West Midlands, United Kingdom

"Maker Madness" Event - The Soup Kitchen.
by Printerfixerman | GC4ZFC7 | Yorkshire, United Kingdom

“Maker Madness” – Wirral
by Sir PhilPamAndRob | GC4ZJPH | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Maker Madness- Lincolnshire
by Tentmantent | GC4ZV4B | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Swindon CW-08
by Slogger007 | GC50ANY | Southern England, United Kingdom

Maker Madness - Knowle
by Blue Nora | GC5019W | West Midlands, United Kingdom

Maker Madness - Bulkington
by Enilu & Mr GB and mjb343 | GC505QZ | West Midlands, United Kingdom

Video of the Week...

Duracell battery geocache! Very clever by geocachespoilers

Finding That WOW Geocache Hide Location...

Use your own local knowledge - think about those great places you explored as a child.  What about the places you've discovered as an adult?

Word of Mouth - you may find that others know of those great locations.  Do you have parents/grandparents you could ask for tips from?

Jacaru “They usually come about just from walking the dogs and seeing something that grabs my attention. Or word of mouth or a recommendation. Cold War was because I mentioned caching to a policeman and he said he knew somewhere that would be good for one.”

Research - using the internet or resources in your local library.  Even the smallest of villages have a website now - they can be useful for finding things you may not have known about.  Most local libraries have a section for Local Studies where you can find books, maps etc relating to an area.

the Monkey King - I actually use the cache map from Geocaching Australia that shows caches that are hidden from groundspeak and the Australian sites, and look for where no caches have been hidden. I then take a trip to a potential area and do a recce looking for something above and beyond. I refuse to make an obvious pile of stick or stones, so there must be something at the site to make it worthwhile, otherwise I don't hide a cache.

Do a recon of an area - There are several approaches to this

  • take note of interesting places when out walking your dog (like Jacaru) - or just out in general.  Be observant of things around you when out and about
  • go out with the sole intention of finding a great place
  • look at areas with no hides or with low hide numbers and go out to see if there is anything of interest that may deserve a cache hide (like the monkey kind).

    The GCDoc - for me it's a lot of recon walks through areas with low hide numbers

Once you’ve found an area - check for cache saturation (Groundspeak have a page to tell you how to do this

Geocaching Mistakes to Avoid...

Don't forget your pen

Don't forget your GPSr or mobile phone

Make sure your device has caches loaded on to it for the area you're caching in

Don't forget to check the cache type/description etc.  There is nothing more frustrating than getting to GZ and finding that its a puzzle cache and you thought it was a traditional.  Or the description may hold clues as to gear you may need, or possible hiding place.

Don't forget water/food if you're planning a long caching day

Don't forget spare batteries

Make sure you know where you parked the car