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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Apr 15, 2014

ep 24Join us this week on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast, our first Geocache General Knowledge Quiz...

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Last Week...

Keeping a h-eye on Breedon GC4E3Z8

h eye on breedon
Doctor D keeping a h-eye on Breedon

We also did our first Letterbox Hybrid What Stamps Are In Your Stocking GC4VGY3

Our find count for the year is now a massive 43.  Goal is 200 for the year.

How did we do on our puzzle challenge? MVP by StanleyPopTart GC4R5N3 over in Beeston.

Did you hear episode 118 of the GeoGearHeads?  They had some very special time travelling guests on the show.

Because of Geocaching...

Scott & Walt from Chicago Geocacher podcast.


Cache On Wheels...

Thanks very much for highlighting and it's benefits in your latest podcast :)
It was great how you demonstrated on the show:

- just how simple the process of rating a cache is

- anyone can rate a cache, it just needs for cache owners to agree to add the HTML code at the bottom of the description on their cache page. Thanks to all those who have :)

- how it gives 'information' which valuable to everyone to make an informed decision. This is important as a everyone's abilities are different and one persons ability can fluctuate and for some, without warning.

An idea - maybe post a link in your podcast page to the forum about handicaching and ask viewers for questions, making sure they are respectful of course and what information would be useful to them as cache owners to about what to put on their cache pages and rating caches?

The gagb forum thread I started is here


On Maker Madness – I'd have liked it to been held in March or November. That's when people seem to be thinking about new hides and would have been more timely.

On themes from GC – I would like to see themes each month or quarter. Sometime like April = CITO, June = explore, November = tricky

Ask Doctor D...

DarrylW4 - When should you consider archiving your hide?

News & Events...

KT35 - George and the Dragon 
by PhilPamAndRob | GC4YHCA | Northwest England, United Kingdom 23/04/14

Faces to Names
by bristol flyer | GC51959 | South West England, United Kingdom 24/04/14

by Team Marzipan | GC51EJT | North Wales, United Kingdom 24/04/14

Legh Arms Spring Event
by cDaveMc | GC4XEQ2 | Northwest England, United Kingdom 26/04/14

Hinksey Nature Trail CITO Event
by The Crawford Clan | GC4XY6N | Southern England, United Kingdom 26/04/14

Busy Bees CITO
by Evil Edna | GC4Y67M | Southern England, United Kingdom 26/04/14

CITO and take in the view!
by Slyatslys | GC4YGYE | West Midlands, United Kingdom 26/04/14

Bacon Baps and Bin Bags 2014
by Islalou & SwampyMonster | GC4YJTJ | Eastern England, United Kingdom 26/04/14

Buns, Boats and Bin Bags 2014
by Islalou & SwampyMonster | GC4YJV8 | Eastern England, United Kingdom 26/04/14

The Happening 29a - Cambourne CITO
by TelemachusGB | GC4YQ6J | Eastern England, United Kingdom 26/04/14

The Happening 29b - Cambourne Meet
by TelemachusGB | GC4YQ6N | Eastern England, United Kingdom 26/04/14

Stone Pit Park CITO & CAKE !
by Norfolk12 | GC4YQ80 | Southern England, United Kingdom 26/04/14

The return of the intrepid explorers
by desertfoxuk | GC4ZGMJ | Yorkshire, United Kingdom 26/04/14

CITO @ Snibston Country Park
by batesandlaw and stuarthowe11 | GC514KV | East Midlands, United Kingdom 26/04/14

Nottingham Canal CITO
by Guiding Nutter | GC523YW | East Midlands, United Kingdom 26/04/14

CacheWalker prepares for Everest
by Sherpa CacheWalker | GC4W6KB | West Midlands, United Kingdom 27/04/14

Hartsholme Country Park C.I.T.O 2014
by Hartsholme Explorers | GC4YAP7 | East Midlands, United Kingdom 27/04/14

Picnic by The Tower
by Steve73306 | GC4ZM0X | Northwest England, United Kingdom 27/04/14

Mr D’s Rivacre Valley Clean Up
by Mr Donut WP | GC4ZN87 | Northwest England, United Kingdom 27/04/14

Bretton Guides Rock CITO Event
by Bretton Guider | GC50179 | Eastern England, United Kingdom 27/04/14

Denham Quarry CITO
by NW London Cachers | GC504HA | London, United Kingdom 27/04/14

Put Your Feet Up
by Pink icing, Reallysquare and Mr Donut WP | GC511WD | Northwest England, United Kingdom 27/04/14

CITO Weekend: Corinium Avenue Clean-up
by Mzebonga | GC51H0H | Southern England, United Kingdom 27/04/14

Badgers In A Box Event
by Jacaru | GC4WMFC | East Midlands, United Kingdom 28/04/14

Jetlagged Pilgrim
by SeaGirtLight | GC4Z9WX | West Midlands, United Kingdom 29/04/14

The UK Mega 2015 has now got a website

Other News...

Here’s the First Word to Be Added to the Scrabble Dictionary in 9 Years

Story from Link here

Geocaching 101 with Peanuts or Pretzels... 

Great graphic from Peanuts or Pretzels, check out their website

Video of the Week...

HHH - Where not to hide a Geocache

The Quiz...