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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Nov 29, 2018

On this weeks show...

I settle the debate on if Geocaching is a game or a sport. The only difference between golf and Geocaching is one has a ball and the other has tupperware (other cache containers are available).  Therefore, Geocaching is a sport.

I also examine some of the benefits of Geocaching, specifically the positives of being outdoors in nature:

  1. Being outdoors is our best source of vitamin d - which is beneficial to our immune systems.
  2. Improved sleep - Here's the link. Sleep patterns > Body Clock > The Suns's schedule. Spending time away from natural light breaks the chain and therefore our sleep patterns.
  3. Exercise - The benefits here are obvious. BUT, exercising outdoors - as opposed to a gym - can lead to more energy being exerted. Plus its more enjoyable being outdoors, so you're likely to do it longer.
  4. Mental Health - Improved attention span. Boosts serotonins (makes you feel good). Being out in nature increases activity in parts of the brain linked with empathy and emotional stability (urban environments can cause fear and anxiety).


Sebastian's YouTube channel - His Coast to Coast series of videos shows off the North of England in all its glory.

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