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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Mar 15, 2015

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This Week..

The GCDoc does a dumb thing

We're trying out a new live streaming app

News on The Great Norfolk to Norfolk TB Race 2015

Doctor D tackles the issue of buried Geocaches

What is the corrected co-ords feature on

For once the obligatory Doctor Who section is Geocaching related

Last Week..

Meerkat app - live streaming on Twitter

Check out this weeks Caching In The North West





Man rescued from hole was geocaching (From

Once the ordeal was over, O'Hara was told he would be facing trespassing charges at the request of St. Lawrence Seaway Management, which owns the land where accident occurred.

The Great Norfolk to Norfolk TB Race 2015

So there will be 6 races in total

1) Norfolk CA to Norfolk VA
2) Norfolk CA to Norfolk UK
3) Norfolk UK to Norfolk VA
4) Norfolk UK to Norfolk CA
5) Norfolk VA to Norfolk UK
6) Norfolk VA to Norfolk CA

The new search has gone live.

Kids GPS watch includes Geocaching functions (From

Designed more like a smartwatch first and a GPS watch second, AmbyGear has all kinds of functions such as providing two way text messaging, downloadable educational games to improve skills and a calendar to help kids learn how to manage their time and stay on track.


What really caught my attention is that the watch is compatible with geocaching and can help kids get into this fun activity as well.Currently, AmbyGear is searching for funding on Indiegogo with a flex funding campaign that is looking to raise $50,000....The campaign launched on March 3 and will run through the beginning of April...AmbyGear is expected to retail for around $130

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

From Lucie Melen..

did something very dumb last week - looking into a tree at the split of the trunk, leaned in too far and headbutted a prickly branch, stabbing myself in the forehead and making cuts and bruises! The cache wasn't even in that tree - it was the one next to it...

From The GCDoc..

Hello "On The Sauce" and Doctor D!


I've been meaning to tell this tale for quite sometime as I know we've all had similar happenings while out geocaching; and as the temperature start to rise in the Northern Hemisphere, what better time than now.


2012 brought an early spring to the great state of Minnesota, and like all good Minnesotan geocachers do when the sun shines just a bit brighter... I came out of "hibernation". I was very eager to start caching more you see, as winter caching in the upper Midwest can be very challenging. It's tough finding geocaches when buried 3 feet under snow, and difficult writing on logs when you can't feel your fingers.


The day was gorgeous! The sun was bright, warm, and persuading the winter snow to melt away. I was enjoying a lunch hour at a nearby park known for it's great geocache hides. I had just got out of a "mind-numbing" meeting and the fresh air was revitalizing. Of course since I was dressed to impress" I knew I wasn't going  to be able to make any real wooded finds, so while glancing at my phone I noticed a cache that was only a 100ft off of the paved trail.I figured I may as well look and see what the terrain was like before resorting to a P&G.


As I neared the cache I saw a green welcoming meadow with some tree cover bordering on the opposite side of the trail. With only 100 and some odd feet to the cache, it had to be just in the treeline. Ultimately the obsession won the debate whether to attempt this cache or not, and found myself already  halfway across the field. Upon arriving to the treeline the phone read another 50ft or so, but I told myself the accuracy was probably a bit off and the cache must be nearby. I let the GPS accuracy settle a little to realize my intuition was wrong. It seemed like I may have approached the woods on the wrong side, and if I wanted to avoid walking 2 miles I needed to do some bushwhacking.


Ok so You're probably thinks so what? 30-40ft of bushwhacking?!? do it! Remember though the state of my attire and the impending mud and water that follows a winters thaw.


Once again the internal conflict between common sense and caching addiction ensued. Which do you think won?..... I found my self tiptoeing into the brush feeling the squish of soft earth under my black leather dress shoes. With one hand holding the phone guiding me to the cache, the other swatting branches like flies I neared GZ... until I came upon the very thing I hoped I wouldn't have to deal with.... water! A small babbling brook stood between me and grabbing a smilie. It wasn't much of a stream but just wide enough and probably deep enough to cause me to stomp away with wet socks. "What's this? a bridge?" I noticed off to my left a small man-made bridge consisting of sticks and branches that some cacher most likely placed for people like me. The ones who weren't prepared with waterproof hiking boots. A sigh of relief as I know could cross untouched and bag the find...."SPLASH!"


That's right.... up to my waist in cold, murky, stinky water. The surrounding foliage and stick bridge must have played an evil trick on my eyes as to this day I still don't understand what exactly happened. All I recall is the log I chose to step up decided to move out of it's way and my left leg went all the way under along with half of my right all the while releasing a very girly "shriek".


Well.. I made the find, signed the log and slunk out of the woods on the opposite side I came in. I was wet, cold, embarrassed, and angry with myself for what just happened. As I look back now, I wish I would have been a vlogger then as it would have made one heck of a video! The morale of the story.... leave an extra set of dry clothes in your vehicle! Even if you think that this would never happen to you!


Cheers guys, keep up the awesome show!


Justin aka The GCDpoc


G’Day Mark


Sorry I didn’t back to you earlier but I have only recently  listened to the podcast and heard a couple of queries about my email.


With regard to Trapezia Lick, I first tried to find the cache in June 2009 with my old yellow garmin etrex H and had 3 or 4 attempts over a 2 week period.


The hill to the cache is steep but the cache is at the bottom where it is not too bad. There is a lot of tree cover so it is hard to get a good reading on the GPS.


There is also more than one fallen tree in the area and I reckon I have searched under every one but obviously not the right one.


I had another couple of tries in  September of 2012, this time using my new eTrex 30 but again the cache remained elusive.


I will be back there again later this year and will have another go.


As far as differences go between running in Perth and running in England well to sum it up in one word is ‘mud’


The area around Perth is sand and even after heavy rain it is just wet sand. The paths I run along in the UK turn to muddy tracks after just a light shower. Not many people in Perth own a pair of wellington boots but it seems they are standard issue for anyone in  the UK that does a bit of walking.


However all that rain and mud does have a huge benefit. It produces a lot of green foliage. My wife used to tell me (she was born in England)  that Perth isn’t as green as England and I never believed her until I visited.  The paths through the woods in England are usually lined lush trees and shrubs with moss growing on the fallen trees and moist leaf litter on the ground,  very different to a path through the bush here.


I have attached 2 photos. One is a path along the River Itchen near Fairoak, Hampshire and the other taken along a track around a lake not far from my home. Both were taken in the summer time.


Looking forward to trying to beat my nemesis next time.





Chris Gore

Geocaching Perth Geocaching UK

From Dave DeBaeremaeker

Hey Oh Beep Folks


I just caught the first half of the latest episode and was impressed by the tale from Shorty Knits on her epic attempt to complete the Church Micro challenge.


Personally I think she should have been entered into the drawing. She certainly did all she could have to complete it, and was only thwarted by Mother Nature.


I did want to respond to a comment that Banana Sauce said about being surprised about the lack of caches with the name Church in them. This is not because of a lack of caches placed at churches, but rather not using Church in the name.


In my 4000-ish finds I only have 5 caches with the word Church in the title.


To further outline my point, I have exactly 5 caches in a 30 mile radius of my town with the name Church in the title, 3 of which I have found. However there are an estimated(because I am going from memory) 20 caches, out of the 400 or so caches I've found in my 30 mile radius that are placed at church's.  This number likely quadruples if you go with caches placed near churches (i.e. where you can see a church from GZ). Mind you, I live in the US South, aka the Bible Belt, and there are churches pretty much everywhere you go.


I was unable to complete this challenge.  Hopefully I'll have better luck with the next one.



Is it pronounced Michigan or Michigan?

From Scrapcat (on her Blog The Caching Blog)..

Oh Beep! My Question

Cool beans! My "Ask Dr D" question aired on the Oh Beep! Geocaching podcast (episode 62).Listen at minute 40:31 where they sort of... Well, not really... answered my question.
Yo, Fools! It's pronounced "Mish-i-gan"!

Then DarryW4 weighs in with some audio..

Blah Blah Sam Sheep..

From StridentUK

Apparently there is a Blah Blah Black Sheep

Blah Blah black sheep can't even get his bleats right, but he's the only one brave enough to tussle with a hungry coyote in this action-packed and hilarious adventure from bestselling kids' author N. D. Wilson.

Blah Blah Black Sheep

Ask Doctor D..

If you find a cache that breaks ground speaks guide e.g breaking ground would you report it or just let it go

From Annon

GGH Tips..

Have you been solving puzzles at home during these cold (or hot) months? You can use "Corrected Coordinates" feature (the pencil icon next to the coordinates on the cache page) to replace the published coords for puzzles and multi-caches with your solution in your Pocket Query and downloads to your apps!

GeoPaul's Video of the Week..

Geocaching In Amsterdam: The Love Bridge

Check out Pauls YouTube channel at




The Ay Up Me Duck Challenge..

So far we have one entry for the challenge, from Lucie Melen:

I happened to get 3 finds on Saturday so thought I'd go for it. Got one yesterday - a FTF :D and so just had to get 4 today... mission accomplished this evening! Then the minute we walked back in the door we got 3 new cache notifications - and we couldn't go out for them or we'd have got 7 for the day and ruined the pattern!

The challenge

This months challenge is entitled the pi challenge and will mean you will have to cache for 3 consecutive days. On day 1 you are to find 3 (and only 3) caches. The next day you need just 1 cache and on day 3 you must find just 4 (and no more) caches.

The prizes..

Ay Up Me Duck has donated a travelbug for us to giveaway in this challenge.

Doctor D has a cache 40m from his house and has yet to go get it, what is up with this boy?  Memories Series - Our Meeting Place (Re-sited) GC5M9RH

Travelbug Race..

Our Oh Beep! Where are my other legs? is still in Australia. Tracking History (12149 mi).  After exactly a month of no activity our TB has moved, approx 8 miles to a mystery cache called Fill In The Blanks GC113NB

The Monkey King’s Southern S@m is moving again, it is now in the hands of beti84 and is still in Bayern Germany.  We had some feedback from listener Tim Hewison, regarding Southern S@m.

The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..

Hey hey,


Hope you're both well, I've been listening to your podcasts for a few months now and must say I'm really enjoying it (except when you tell your son you love him obviously).  I check my phone specially on a Sunday night now just to listen to it... disappointment this Sunday though!!


Every time you talk about Dr Who I always say to myself I should email you guys to let you know of an EPIC Dr Who series near me which I am close to completing.  The series is literally on my doorstep so I've managed to complete it in a couple of months but perhaps you guys would need to dedicate some serious time and planning to complete this?  Its a 50 cache series, with around 30 odd traditionals, two 10-stage multies, 8 puzzles and a letterbox.  It really is a brilliant series, here are some GC codes for you to look at:


A random traditional - GC4T7DN
One of the puzzles - GC4NQ14
A multi - GC4PA63


All the other caches are in the same general area (plus a couple of mine too!!).


If you want any other info on it let me know or speak to the CO, he's a top bloke and keeps all the caches well maintained.  The CO goes by the name of OldPennies and myself Geo-Ref.  Even if you don't give it a go, I thought it might be a good cache series to bring up on your show anyway.


Rob aka Geo-Ref