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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Feb 1, 2014

Episode 15 600x600This week on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast we're discussing spoiler videos - are they good or bad for this obsession? 

Because of Geocaching...

This week Steve and Barbara, who cache under the name Ukecan tell us their Because of Geocaching story...


The Monkey King, who was last weeks Because of Geocaching guest has challenged us to a travel bug race.  Ours has to make it to a cache in Australia and his to a cache in the UK.  More details on that in coming episodes.

News & Events...

Nottinghamshire Geocachers Valentines Event
by Jacaru | GC4WNRD | East Midlands, United Kingdom

The Happening 27 - "Feb Eleven"
by Ed2Ed | GC4WW4G | Eastern England, United Kingdom

by The Teddies | GC4XJHB | Southern England, United Kingdom

by bones1 | GC4WK59 | Eastern England, United Kingdom

TMD's Birthday Bash. 
by The Magna Defender | GC4XKBM | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Love Love... Geocaching [Liverpool]
by 100espinhos | GC4VD8F | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Other News...

The TCGCPC podcast ended this week, with episode 80.  Thank you Sir_ZMan, Lady Z and Nick Danger.

Lots of Groundspeak news this week.

New I <3 Geocaching  - Lab Cache released to Premium members  The key points

  • Only Premium members can hide them, limited to just one hide.  They send a URL to the intended finder (who can hunt using the browser on their smartphone)
  • They can only be placed during February (for now)
  • The finder will need to have a basic account, as minimum
  • Once found, the cache is archived
  • The intention is that only one person finds the cache
  • The cache doesn't need to be a container.
  • The finder discovers a code, which unlocks the find.
  • The hide can be inside
  • You get a smiley for finding
  • There are plans to incorporate Lab Cache finds in stats/hide counts

Site updates too.  Including changes to the rules of event caches.

Today's web release updates and fixes:

  • Premium Member Only (PMO) Geocaches now show at all zoom levels.
  • Activation dates for trackables can now be set 10+ years back.
  • Fixed formatting when marking a trackable as missing.
  • Map for geocaches with closely spaced waypoints now displays correctly.
  • Event guidelines updated.
  • And of course, other assorted bug fixes

CITO Weekend

On Monday 27th, Groundspeak announced the 2014 CITO Weekend and Souvenir, this years weekend will be on April 26 and 27th.  More information can be found at

Video of the week...


Argument For

  • Sharing the knowledge may inspire someone else to create a similar cache, or even try to better it.

    the Monkey King: 99% of the spoilers I see on youtube are not in Australia, and of the remaining 1% even less than that are even in my part of the country. From my point of view I like these videos as I can learn to make better caches from them.

  • They tend to highlight highly creative Geocaches

  • Muggles may see the videos and decide to give Geocaching a go

  • They help new ideas spreadMark Holden (StickBouncer): I enjoy watching spoiler videos as none seem to be in my area and most do not give out the vital information. I think they are a useful resource when trying to think of ideas for a new or unusual cache

Argument Against

  • Knowing can take away part of the fun and challenge of some caches

  • The cache owner may not want their secrets revealed

  • The may attract unwanted attention from Muggles

We had a couple of other responses to this topic, giving some good advice to people considering doing spoiler videos.

Derek Carter: I think that, as long as the CO for the cache has given prior approval for the video, there's no problem with it. I have seen hundreds of videos made by the COs themselves of their unique creations so that other cachers can get ideas to improve their hides, and ultimately, the geocaching experience. Of course, you always have the option of NOT WATCHING THE VIDEO if you don't want a spoiler!!

Corey Stevens: I would suggest getting permission from the cache owners whenever giving out spoilers. Even showing pictures of caches, I have gotten permission before sharing them. It is just a common courtesy that I give to those who own the hides.

Brian Roberts: I am fine with any geocaching videos. Best thing about them is you can get great ideas for caches. If they are spoilers then if you don't want to watch them you don't have to. Thing is there are literally 1000s of caches in UK and the chances of you coming across a spoiled one is slim anyway. Geocaching is about enjoyment in your own way. What one person likes is not the same as another. Enjoy it. Ta la.

Coming Up...

On next weeks show we're giving tips to children on how to find caches before their adults do.  The following week we have an interview.  Then on episode 18 we're taking a look at the top UK Geocaches - as it is award season, we thought we'd celebrate the best caches voted by UK Caches using the favourite points.

If you have any comments on this show, past shows, or anything else geocaching related then please send it to  You can also find us on Twitter (@ohbeepgcp), Google+ (, Facebook (  Or at