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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Jul 6, 2014

There are many different travellers/geocoins/trackables out there, but what kinds of creative things can you do with them?

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Last Week..

Signing the log - this is inspired by the conversation between Collin and LJ, from The UK Geocaching Podcast on episode 32 -No signee no smilee.  What the  rules say:

we have a few rules we encourage everyone to follow:

  1. Sign both the logbook and log your find online to get your smiley

Encourage - I don't take that as this is what you MUST do.

So, if you don't log the find online you're not doing it by the rules?  Does that mean the signature you put in the log should be deleted - just like some CO's delete online logs when it is obvious the "finder" hasn't found the cache?

Short term changes to the show - at least for the month of July we will be going bi-weekly.

If We Won audio....oh and the legal separation from Great Britain was on July 2nd.

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

Take insufficient lighting on a night find.  The cache in question has now been archived.  But Doctor D and BananaSource aren't afraid to own up to this one.


From StuCUK

Hi guys,

Been listening to your podcast for a few months now and do enjoy the humorous banter between you all!

Anyway, not wishing to put your recent fantastic achievement down in any way, but Stucuk (that’s Stu – C – UK by the way J ) and TT reached 4000 finds last week and we are pretty happy with ourselves!  So I thought I’d be bold and ask for a shout out?!

Many thanks, keep it up and happy caching!

Regards, Stu ...

Following our discussion, or rather BananaSource's rant about Whereigo's we received this message:

Tim Hewison

Setting up WhereIgo caches is a lot less painful now if you install the WhereYouGo and c:geo apps on your Android device. c:geo will download the cartridge for you when you click on the relevant link in the geocache detail page. Then you open the WhereYouGo app, and can start to play the cartridge. Still not perfect - but a lot better than anything else I tried.

Ask Doctor D..


Is it ok to take a photo of the container?

Doctor D has the voice of podcast, but DarrylW4 have the voice of lurve...

Nemesis Geocaches..

Mark Pickard sent in his nemesis cache

Shipley wood 5 B.E.N.D A cache by plantsman - GC3V43H

Doctor D has been talking about this one for a while, so here is his nemesis Geocache

Walk on the Winged Side #8 - A cache by Four Hills, Hidden : 24/02/2011. GC38N4N

We've been naughty on this one and haven't logged a DNF, apologies to the cache owner.

Travelbug Race..

The Monkey King wrote

G'day Mark,
The race is on, or if you like Sherlock Holmes - the game is afoot!

My travel bug:

I am wiling to make a sportsman bet that mine goes missing. I figure a harry potter would be popular enough for someone to keep, so hopefully the missing wand and the hole drilled in to it will give it a better chance of keeping it moving.

Feed back on the latest show:

You were discussing bombs/UXBs - and mentioned artillery rounds.  As one of my jobs is actually an artilleryman, I feel the need to let you know that artillery shells are fired from guns (howitzers) and not dropped by planes ;-)

As always I enjoy listening to the show, and look forward to updates on our travel bug race in the show.


News & Events..

The Great Norfolk to Norfolk TB Race

Brent Smith The Race has started, 13 TB's started at the Canadian Launch event, only 12 are entered in the race site though, hopefully we will get the 13 registered soon, So far only 1 racer in the UK to Canada race, Even though the race has started you can still enter your TB in the race.

Mega 2014 - Another Taste of Arran 
by UK Mega Event Committee | GC4KTF4 | Southern Scotland, United Kingdom 26/07/2014

The Hairyfairies event 
by hairyfairies | GC56YJ7 | Yorkshire, United Kingdom 19/07/2014

Monthly Mid-Week Meet in Sussex #76 
by Sussex Cachers | GC572FE | South East England, United Kingdom 17/07/2014

Ice Cream and Mini Golf 
by WN1E | GC53AMQ | New York 16/07/2014

Abilene CITO Event (A.C.E. #03) 
by Love Cachers | GC57GFR | Texas 19/07/2014

Go East TBs - Meet and Greet 
by forestfauna | GC57MMT | Alberta, Canada 13/07/2014

Cuppa and cake, meet & greet 
by gwd.aussie | GC567HN | Victoria, Australia 27/07/2014

Na RoTa dAs TaScAs 
by Os Tasqueiros | GC575EQ | Porto, Portugal 18/07/2014

by geo4bikers | GC549EF | Drenthe, Netherlands 21/07/2014

Meet And Greet Geocaching Talk With Respect 
by stefanvanbael | GC577N2 | Antwerpen, Belgium 19/07/2014

Other News..

Striza Dgs

We are helping to promote this on facebook. ..Can you help?

Group GPS Helps You Locate Friends During Outings from

Congratulations to sadexploration for becoming Geocacher of the month.

Video of the Week..


Travellers & Geocoins..

1 - Photo stories/Blogs - like the one DarrylW4 has done with his Minicacher Companion.  In this instance, Darryl took a lego man and found interesting locations near the cache to photograph him.  Then he added a line of text in the log telling a little story/scenario explaining the scene.  Simple to set up and uses the travellers page on to record the story.

Dave DeBaeremaeker has some great stories involving Lego characters on his Only Googlebot Reads This Blog site.  He has a cool Indiana Jones story Indiana Jones and the Avian Abode Adventure.  This is more of a beginning to end story, illustrated with photos taken at different locations along the route. 

2 - Books - We saw a book at an event, which was trackable. People at the event were encouraged to write a message to the owner in the book.

3 - Vehicle travel bug decals - As simple as they sound.  Put it on your car, so people can discover it while you're out and about.  It doesn't stop with the car:

Dave DeBaeremaeker

I have many TBs, including several personal ones:

My van is trackable. I use it to mark significant caches I have driven to. The trackable code is a window decal from+Cache Advance

My mountain bike is trackable, and used to track significant caches I have biked to. The code is on a dogtag attached to one of the rack mounts on the seat stay.

I also have two t-shirts with the same trackable code I wear to events.

So that adds clothing to the list.

Dave Self

My CR-V is my Cache Retrieval Vehicle 2 TB.  I also have a name tag I only log thru events and I have a trackable patch on my caching vest.

4 - Personal Geocoins/Travelbugs - Rather than send them out in to the wild, to make their own way in the world, some owners prefer to keep their Geocoins/Travelbugs close to them. As the owner goes about their own journey in Geocaching they will dip the coins/bugs in to caches a long the way.  Or even allow others to discover them - this can be at events or even when they meet on the trail.  We've seen these attached to dog collars or carabina's on ruck sacks.

StridentUK has one that has travelled an amazing distance since October 2013.

I just have one, a dragon trackable tag on my caching bag. Logged 3,000 miles between caches so far.

5 - Tattoos - Now this is serious commitment to the game - its also a sure fire way to ensure you don't lose the travel bug.  The Amasons, from The Podcache Show, each have a trackable tattoo.   So does Adam from Of course these are age restricted.  This is a good way to make the trackable very personalised to you, in its design.

6 - Implants - If the tattoo isn't personal enough, how about implanting your trackable? Check out for their article on this.

7 - Race Them - Challenge someone on the other side of the world, or the other side of the street.  The race is as grand or as limited as you want it to be.  Some can get elaborate; such as The Bank Job

The aim is for your trackable item to travel to The Bank and ‘steal’ a gold coin. Then return to the same cache it started from. The winner will be the first to do this.

This is the simplified description.  But AGAIN you're sending out trackable Lego characters (seems to be a Geocaching theme).

Where to get trackable Lego characters - the shop at

Coming Up..

Interview with Geo Cass, Chairman of the Essex Mega 2015 committee.