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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Mar 29, 2015

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This Week..

A listener milestone

A simple find ends up with Sophie hanging upside down

Police mistake a gnome for a drug runner

What does Doctor D listen to when caching?

We announce the winner of the March Ey Up Me Duck Challenge

Last Week..

Hey chaps,


Just thought I'd let you know that Stucuk and TT (that's Stu - c - uk by the way :-) also known as Stu and Tracy reached their 5000th cache at the weekend!
So on to 10000!


All the best and happy caching!

GC5JKBC - Little Bridges #392 - Two Bridges by Team-Triplet

Out geocaching

GC5JJ98 REALLY SideTracked - Worthington by stuarthowe11

GC2VWXQ Sky High by vegpunk

Cache find

We've been out hiding a cache.  Currently waiting to be published.  Its another Donington cache and will be called 6 Horses Stud Here.  Another Sam hide, so sneaky..

6 horses geocache

We also did a hide that wasn't a hide.  Lucky we checked with the website on the exact rules for placing where we wanted to place the cache.

Physical caches or physical cache stages should not be placed within areas of religious devotional or spiritual activity such as churches, mosques, churchyards, cemeteries or other burial grounds and should not be located on, in or immediately adjacent to the boundaries of such locations without specific permissions of the relevant authority.


Design the Museum of Flight’s next great aerospace-inspired geocache

This May 2nd and 3rd, celebrate the history of geocaching by unlocking your mission for 2015. May 2nd and 3rd signal the beginning of geocaching, some 15 years ago. On May 2, 2000, GPS signals were descrambled, increasing the accuracy of GPS devices worldwide by ten times. The following day, what would become known as the first geocache was hidden.

Celebrate 15 Years of Geocaching on May 2nd and 3rd by finding any geocache or attending any geocaching event. You’ll earn a new digital souvenir for your geocaching profile.

Unlock details of your 2015 geocaching mission by reading the souvenir’s description. Join the conversation with your fellow geocachers on social media by tagging #Geocaching15 in your posts.

Geocaching giggle: Police watch gnome for drugs


From Redbeard4570..

Have you ever sent a fellow geocacher a thank you email for taking a travel bug on an outstanding adventure? I do this often. Here is one I sent this week to the geocacher  Scottish Cavalryman.


Greetings! Just wanted to say thank you for taking my travel bug TB4JAZ9 with you on your adventures to South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Georgia, Virginia and numerous caches in Hawaii. You single handedly covered more miles and caches than I had hoped for when I re-released it. I can only hope future cachers do half, heck, 1/3rd as much as you did! It has been great fun following its travels with you. Again, many thanks! Cache on! Redbeard4570


Please consider doing this when you have a geocacher take your travel bug on a journey. Cache on!  Redbeard4570

From Tim Hewison

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 08.02.51

The Mish-i-gan/Michigan debate goes on.  With an added twist.

Nemesis Geocaches..

Molten Glass Arrangement GC5CRB6 by KaosCL and Spire67.  Published 12/9/14. D/T 5/4.5

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

From BigMal70..

A couple of possible things for 'Dumb stuff Geocachers Do'


1) I recently set a multi cache and it was only when I was on a caching trip with a recent finder of this cache (when he told me that the hint did not match the location) that I realised that I had actually set the formula to the location of one of my other caches instead of the new one.


2) Last night a group of 13 of us went out to do a night cache set in a bog ( I am 6'2" and at one point I was up to the top of my thighs in cold, smelly, boggy water and it was chest high on one of the shorter members of the group. This was right at the start of the trail but we all continued to walk a further 3 miles and find the cache. A great cache and really good fun but I have got weird looks from everyone that asked what I did last night.

Ask Doctor D..

If he could listen to music whilst caching what music would he listen to?

Ey Up Me Duck

Dave DeBaeremaeker I have a whole playlist of geocaching themed music I listen too sometimes when I am driving to a cache location. However when I actually hit the trails, I tend not to listen to anything but the sweet symphony that is Mother Nature.

The music is all t
hemed around finding things, or more often, exploration (e.e Life Is A Highway - Tom Cochrane, Ramble On - Led Zeppelin, Into The Great Wide Open - Tom Petty, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - BTO)

Heading home, almost always hard rock (and almost always Appetite For Destruction by G'n'R - one of the best rock records IMO ever recorded).

Mark Pickard Nothing! I go caching for the peace and quiet and to hear nature, defeats the object of going in my opinion (ok I sometimes go caching with someone else to have a moan and whinge about other cachers who think there IT, the weather, the state of the economy, the price of bacon, you know you've been out with me once)

Annemarie Halls Ditto. I love the peace and quiet, the birds and babbling brook the only sound track I need.

Tim Hewison
U2, of course!
I have climbed the highest mountains
I have run through the fields
Only to be with you
Only to be with you
I have run, I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls
... not sure the rest are really appropriate!

GGH Tips..

We love hitting the bike trails for some #geocaching. There's a number of things to do to make sure that the bike works well (and we talked about many on "GGH 165: Bicycle Maintenance I" by Danno of Team_Pugatch). One of those is to lube your bike chain but don't over do it. Too much lube can attract dirt and wear. Just drip the lube onto the chain then wipe off any excess.

GeoPauls Video Of The Week..

Pi Pie Day by Neil Moore

Check out Pauls YouTube channel at




Travelbug Race..

Our Oh Beep! Where are my other legs? is still in Australia. Tracking History (12811 mi).  The Harvey Boys grabbed it "Found in the travel bug hotel Sydney, gonna help him get out of this town!", then moved it on to Queensland - adding a total of 662.19 miles its journey.  its now in cache GCRKN4 Laguna Lookout by powellbruce

The Monkey King’s Southern S@m is moving again, it is now in the hands of shamrock-lady who is taking it on a tour of Germany.  Last spotted in GC5EEYG "[†]" Kudamatsu´s Nightmare (NC) by Kudamatsu ft. Vladi.  Tracking history (10534mi).

Ey Up Me Duck Challenge..

The challenge

This months challenge is entitled the pi challenge and will mean you will have to cache for 3 consecutive days. On day 1 you are to find 3 (and only 3) caches. The next day you need just 1 cache and on day 3 you must find just 4 (and no more) caches.

The prizes..

Ay Up Me Duck has donated a travelbug for us to giveaway in this challenge.



The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..

Michael Edwards posted this photo on our Facebook page.  He saw it whilst out searching for cache GC482GB (just in case you were wondering the area).   Its down near Watford.