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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Nov 8, 2014

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Last Week..

Out and about with Moan-a-lot and the silent child.   The series we did:

Kia's Ramsdale Roam Series by glamrockangels: Starts with GC4VVQ6, a series of 12 caches (approximately 3 miles walking in total).  BananaSource didn't do too well on the find count - he got one.  The Silent Child grabbed the majority of finds.  

However, the following day, BananaSource did redeem himself on the Ingleby series.  A series of 10 caches by meandmycats123, around the village of Ingleby.  Starting with GC5A5QB Barrel o' laughs. Ingleby walk 1.

Things returned to normal a few days later, when Miss Watto and BananaSource went caching in Castleton & Edale.  Of the 18 caches done that weekend, BananaSource grabbed one or two (the memory fades).  For views the best cache of the weekend was ascent of Mam Tor by jammie dodger GC2W9M8).

Mam Tor Photo

In Edale we found 17 caches - beating our previous daily record of 16.  The majority of the caches formed the Booth Loop series, by Paperballpark - 14 caches starting with BL #1: Nagging at the Head of the Trail GC588BN.  There were a lot of stunning views during the series, but the cache of note (for us at least) was BL #10: The Right to Roam GC588M8 - just as we thought we'd cracked the hiders style, this one surprised us.

Train line view

Apperance on





Redbeard e mail:

Attended two great events on Sunday October 19. Both were held at Coronado Heights park near Lindsborg, Kansas. One was a CITO, GC5CWJP, and the other a meet and greet and eat, GC5CWG8. And I believe you would have approved of all parts of the events, but mostly the eating part. Lots of food prepared by the group of over 30 cachers on hand. No one left hungry.

The building the meet and greet and eat was held in was build in 1936 as part of the WPA. It stands out in Kansas for two reasons. One, it is on top of the tallest hill for some distance. Two, it is a large stone building that looks like a castle!

Now, for you living in England or Europe, a castle may be a common sight. But here in Kansas, it is not! Several caches are also located here.

So all in attendance had a great time. If you find yourself in this area cache, please stop by and enjoy the park and grab some caches!

PS-I typed this slowly in hopes Dr D will not have as much trouble reading it as he has some of my past postings!

LanMonkey takes Doctor D to task.  Audio from podcast Caching In The North West

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

Poor choice of footwear.  Miss Watto lost her walking boots and suffered from having the wrong footwear. We were doing some walking out in Edale - an area which his hilly and muddy in places.  A pair of trainers weren't cutting it.

In rugged terrain a consideration is something that will support your ankle.  In most other conditions something with a good tread and grip on the sole.  Climate may also play a factor.  In Edale, on that day, something that was reasonably water resistant was ideal.  But in hotter climates, you may want to consider something that lets your foot breath.

Nemesis Geocache..

This one from @UKGeocacher, on Twitter

UC person on bridge shouting at ducks by bazzer1975 - GC3A3HT

162 DNF's and 86 Finds.

Ask Doctor D..

From Dave DeBaeremaeker...

Question for Doctor D.
It is considered bad form to log a find on one of your own caches, because you can't find something you hid.
However you can log an Attended log on events you host, because you attended an event you put on.
The purpose of Earth Caches is to learn about geology.  Since I learned something about the geology when I placed my Earth Cache, can I claim a find on it?

Travelbug Race..

Our Oh Beep! Where are my other legs? is now in Australia. Tracking History (11510.3mi).  Last known location: GC5AHKF The Amazing Chase event cache by Geocaching NSW

The Monkey King’s Southern S@m has finally moved, after 3 months in the wilderness.  Its currently in the hands of cacher Talitakumi and is doing the rounds in Hessen, Germany.

GeoPaul's Video Of The Week..

GeoPaul was at the recent Halloween Hides & Creepy Caches Mega Event.  So, this week we have a couple of his videos from that event, plus some audio from one of them.

Finding Number 600!! - Spitting Sid




Halloween Mega - Night Cache!





Master degree student starts crowd funding campaign to help complete degree requirements (from  Check out the Kickstarter page HERE

Pinterest board dedicated to Geocache Bomb Scares 

OnBeep Walkie Talkie for your phone (from - article sent in by Chad)

The Onyx is a palm-sized orb that clips onto a lapel, sleeve, or bag strap. It has a built-in speaker and a big button in the middle for activating the device’s microphone. When connected via Bluetooth to a companion iOS or Android app, it lets a group of users communicate over the Internet with either a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

A single Onyx will cost $99, and a pair will cost $195, but app and service are free.