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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Jan 25, 2015

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Our interview with Eric, PR/Special Media Manager for - with news on Whereigo, Lab Caches, the various apps and why the UK pays more for premium membership

This Week..

Our interview with Eric, PR/Special Media Manager for

From The GC Doc..

Hey Mark!

Hope all is well over across the pond! I wanted to send off a quick email and see if you and your beautiful listeners would help and support me to become the Grand Prize winner for the Michelin Geocaching Quest "spirit of adventure" contest!

The news hasn't actually gone public, but on Sunday afternoon MichelinUSA will post the top 10 pics on their Facebook page to be voted on. Yours truly made it and that's why I need your help. All I need from you guys is a like on the picture I entered. That's it! The winner will be chosen by  picking the one with the most "likes".

Here are the links and the pic that I entered.


Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!

Interview content..

Eric introduces himself and explains his role

15 years of Geocaching and the history of explained

Because of Geocaching Eric has the autograph of an astronaught

Geocaching on Mars

Nemesis Geocache - Eric has a whole category, based on a log type

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..The amount of time spent rolling a log back in to a micro, then realising the easy trick of placing it in the lid.

Recommended Bucket List Geocache..The Rock

Countries Eric has Geocached..Poland Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia. Eric discusses how Geocaching differs in some of these locations.

What was learned from the 7 Souvenirs of August?

BananSource raises his issues with the videos, Eric suggests ways they can be improved.

We touch briefly on Whereigo and its future.  At the moment the future is still unwritten, with an aim of gaining more clarity in the next 6 to 9 months.  The goal being that they're easy to play and easier to create.

There will be an evolution to Lab Caches in 2015.

There will be more promotions along the lines of the 2014 Skoda and Michelin promotions.  Also there will be  new GeoTours in 2015.  Related to this are thing sites.

We go on to discuss the Geocaching app and how it will be changing in ways that will help those new to Geocaching.  We also discuss the future of the app for Windows phones.

We discuss the reasons behind Premium membership to being more expensive in the UK

Doctor D left a Doctor Who question for Eric.