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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Mar 16, 2014

1400 x 1400This week on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast we're interviewing GeoPaulVlogger.

Because of Geocaching...

None this week


The Old Soldier came through with his Geocaching police story...

24 Hour Event Police Saga

Well as most people have heard various bits of the tale it may be best to let you all know what happened and hopefully save others from the fun and games.

We had entered into the first 24 Hour Caching Event set up through GEM by Jacaru. It all started off so well with a quick nap and then off to Lincoln picking up some caches along the A46 before doing a couple of cycle routes we had planned which pulled in quite a few caches and worked up an appetite so we headed into Lincoln looking for somewhere to eat and still picking up Caches as we went. We found a “Clown” that would do us some fast food so after filling energy levels up we thought we would grab some caches showing close by before heading back to Event HQ.

The few caches we had spotted were around an industrial estate so we thought they would be easy cache and dashes before the drive back. It started out OK with a couple of quick finds but then at another cache we spotted a car drive slowly passed with two men in it. We quickly re-hid the cache and headed back to the car, noticing the car that passed us was parked up at an industrial unit further down the road. Thinking nothing of it we headed around to another cache, Denise waited in the car while I nipped into the bushes (To get a cache!!). While signing the log the same car appeared again this time parking a short distance behind our car. This left me with the dilemma of what to do next, Denise was safe in the car with the doors locked but I was stuck in the bushes with two strangers sat in a car with the engine and lights off. I gave it a few minutes to see if they would move on but no joy so with time pushing on I decided to just head back to the car and head back to Event HQ. The two guys did nothing until we had taken the first turn when I noticed they had been following but with the lights off!!

Now starting to feel very uneasy we realised we either had some sort of security/police on our tail or someone that was hoping for a better place to rob/attack us. Seeing as the best place to do the latter was behind us we realised we had police following us for some reason, the chance to test this arose at a set of traffic lights as we headed for the A46 which I slowed for and then went through on yellow and the two guys tailing us followed us about 5 cars back but decided to run a red by going around other cars! We definitely had police following us.

As we got onto the A46 and went around an Island I noticed the unmarked car had been joined by two marked vehicles and as we got onto the dual carriageway the road behind lit up in a sea of blue lights and sirens as we had a marked car shoot in front of us joined by one to the side and the unmarked behind us also showing off his pretty lights. Rather than blocking the A46 I pointed at a sign near us saying parking 1/4mile and motioned for the police to move down to it with us. Once in the Parking area we proceeded to have a chat with half of Lincolnshire’s police force and found out we the suspects of metal theft in the area. Something I found funny as we had the bikes on the back so loading up would have been a slow job! When the marked cars were happy with our status and stories they were happy to let us carry on our way, not before they mentioned one of the guys in the unmarked was a cacher so should have known better. Having a chat with him got to the bottom of the problem as he said he had the app on his phone and that area didn’t have any caches, he was a bit shocked when I showed him the GPSr with all the caches in Lincoln as it turned out he was a not a premium member thinking the official phone app showed him everything and knew nothing of Premium membership. At least he was now more aware of all the caches he could get and may leave some other cacher’s alone.

As can be expected we were late back to Event HQ and being fairly new to GEM we did not have any contact numbers so arrived to a multitude of questions from those that had waited for our return.

Thankfully it has not put us off at all but we do avoid some places after dark and thankfully have learned about Phone A Friend lists, something that would have been very helpful on that fun evening. This year’s event we will be more prepared with contact numbers to hand and a caching route that keeps us well away from Lincoln!!

Ask Doctor D...

Andy "HeadHardHat" Smith - While geocaching and you come upon only a travel bug tag and a broken chain. What should you do?

News & Events...

E mail from Karl, Group Scout Leader, 4th Lewes Scouts aka 4th Lewes Scouts aka KAB1972

I would like to thank Ken, aka Martlestman and publicize the "CITO Seven Sisters Country Park 2014", GC4YZXJ which he has organised for the seventh year. This CITO event takes place on the Sussex Coast, near Seaford, on the morning of 26th April, 9.30 to 12.30 and coincides with the International CITO  Day, gaining both an icon and souvenir. Historically the event has attracted a good number of cachers to help clear the litter from this picturesque area and have a good morning among friends, old and new; this year should be no different. This year Cubs, Scouts, Leaders and families from the 4th Lewes Scout Group will be attending, helping with the litter-pick and providing Tea, Coffee and some cakes to reward all of the participants for their hard work.

The Dragonlady Invites You #21
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Nutters' Birthday Bash
by Beeston Nutter | GC5011A | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Makers Madness Event
by Jacaru | GC4Z8HH | East Midlands, United Kingdom

KT 34 Holmes Chapel.
by Johnboy-A1 | GC4YM9G | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Not a BAD year for the roses
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Any Excuse for a Get Together 5 - Maker Madness!
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Maker Madness 5th Lambourn event
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Other News...

Treasure: A Feature-Length Micro-Budget Film

Happy Birthday Jacaru and Tracey from The Amasons...

The GAGB website has had a makeover.

Video of the Week...

Treasure - find them at

ABOUT TREASURE:  Treasure is a feature length family-oriented coming of age comedy-drama. Shooting will take place in and around Orlando, FL during May and June of 2014.

Our hope is to create a film that will capture the wonder, beauty, difficulty, and inspiration found in life and nature. We grow through interaction with others and daring to explore new experiences and places.

Making Treasure happen will be a story unto itself and you can be a part of it!

We’re planning a crowdfunding campaign next spring so that we can get our audience involved in getting the movie made. We’re already pretty lucky to have access to really nice professional cameras and equipment but it’s nice to be able to feed the cast and crew, get permits, and create the perfect setting for every shot in the film too!

GeoPaul Interview...

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