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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Nov 23, 2014

To celebrate getting to 50 episodes, Doctor D and BananaSource record the show live. What could possible go wrong?

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Last Week..

Best Caches of the day -

GC3JJEZ - DIY and Amber by Julie&Dave&Dad

GC3JK7N - Tack and Amber by Julie&Dave&Dad

GC3JK71 - Red and Amber by Julie&Dave&Dad

Number 600 - GC59H88 - Woody by LadyPalf

Doctor D photo with our 600th find
Doctor D with out 600th find


Cache On Wheels asked

Have you got any fun connections with your stats? Eg your date of birth lol

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..


How can some 1 who hates TBs end up with 2 b*****s to find new homes for????


I once bushwachked up a 60 deg slope of loose shale, maybe 80ft up... only to walk down the nice paved path on the other side

Nemesis Geocache..

From Collin French of the UK Geocaching Podcast

GCA87C Jacob’s MOVING Cache #1 by JacobBarlow

Ask Doctor D..

Open to the viewers

From Karl Brydon

Will you strike during a live show? ;)

From Cache On Wheels

what do our under 16s refer to themselves as, or want to be referred to as eg there are TBs with Geokids on.


My ask Dr D is " Your Irish accent needs a lot of Improvement I think you should take lessons before you come over the pond in the Summer"


Doctor D: Who would be a better geocacher: Doctor Who (Mat Smith Edition), or Sherlock (BEnedict Cumberbatch edition)


Dr. D - Favorite GPS manufacturer, and why?

GeoPauls Video of The Week..

Geocaching tips #1 What To Take Geocaching?





GAGB elections are now going on - all eligable to participate in voting should have had an e mail by now.  Check your spam folder.

Solar Flares from Giant Sunspot May Disrupt GPS (From - this could explain why we had issues with the multi we did a few weeks ago.

Ask Doctor D (Round 2)..


Who would be the better cacher, James May, Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, or The Stig?


Q. When Sam grows up would he like to have a beard like Andy Smith?

Doctor D answers the 20 Washknight Interrogates questions (thanks to Chasing Smilies for the inspiration)

Recording of Live Event..