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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Aug 10, 2014

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Last Week..

Check out the latest of has an article in its a great mag

Epic Rap Battle: Made by

Nemesis Geocache..

Jamie Robinson - GC504KN CRAIGAVON TRAIL - 37 A cache by odies-crew

My nemesis cache it's up a tree, I can see it but I can't flipping get to it!

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

On their latest episode (Number 33 Mark Twain Was 'ere) The UK Geocaching Podcast came up with their own Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do.  So, we thought we'd "borrow" one of these - as they're that good.



Could you give this event a mention on the 'News & events' section of the next podcast, please?

Not my event, but one I'm planning g on attending, as it should be a bit of fun.


(Yorkshire Yellow)

Ask Doctor D..

From LanMonkey

YouTube channel

Caching In The NorthWest podcast

Travelbug Race..

Oh Beep! Where are my other legs? has now done 296 miles, but is still milling around in Wales - in cache GC4GJRE - #2 Upper Boat Trail - Power Station

The Monkey Kings Southern S@M travel bug hasn't moved since our last update and is still on 139 miles.  It isn't in a cache at the moment.


How hard can it be to find a cache?  BananaSource two failed attempts to start the 7 Souveniers of August.

The plan was to start with

Traditional: Church Micro 6093 ... Castle Donington - St Edward A cache by GeoSandJLeo GC58DW3

Puzzle: Church Micro 5845...Kegworth A cache by stuarthowe11GC55AQK

DarryW4 mentioned that you get a ranking when finishing the 7 Souvenirs of August - could we aim to be the LAST to finish it?

Why we're archiving a cache that hasn't been out in the wild for more than six months - The Man In White GC5191B.

It seems some take the title literally and think they have to enter private property to grab the cache - because they don't think the co-ords are accurate.  Easily solved with a note in the description, but who reads those?

Its damaged and I can't find the spare parts box (irony alert).

Geocachers should be a temporary thing.  We've highlighted this area to others, lets archive this cache to see what they can do with the location.  Keeps the game fresh.

We all play the game in our own way, hiding caches is not where I get my enjoyment from the game.  There is the argument that as cachers should give back by creating hides.

GeoPauls Video of the Week..

Amazing Pirate Themed Geocache! by Geo Jewels

Check GeoPaul's Youtube channel HERE

News & Events..


UK Cache Mag - Issue 14 out.

Hikerjamz After Cache show goes from strength to strength - now on the 8th episode (he got past the tipping point for podcasters).


Developed by leading neuroscientists, designers and mobile innovators, Traces lets you place music, pictures, videos and voice in the real-world for your friends to find. However, they can only find your trace if they are in the right place at the right time, and once they see it, it’ll be gone forever. This is what we call Immersive Messaging, where the world is part of the content you share.

GPS Tracklog article Introducing Muggles to Geocaching.



Mingling With the Chickens Part Deux 
by Blondvoodoo | GC5AGXX | California 23/8/2014

Pint of Beer - Toilet Paper Day 
by Boreal Walker | GC589ED | Minnesota 26/8/2014

Naughty Weekend Away 7 
by little-miss-naughty | GC59TQQ | South East England, United Kingdom 23/8/2014

Helensburgh - Happy to meet you 
by Emily-Moo and Kali's Mum | GC5A5D9 | Southern Scotland, United Kingdom 24/8/2014

Petit déjeuner pour bien commencer la journée EWE 
by Castor007 | GC5582K | Quebec, Canada 23/8/2014

Blackwater brew and babble 
by envirogirl86 | GC5A9K0 | Queensland, Australia 23/8/2014

Holidays in Sicily 
by semaprint | GC5A135 | Sicilia, Italy 23/8/2014

Käffchen zum Souvenir? 
by Mipi! | GC5A6GZ | Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 23/8/2014