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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Aug 31, 2014

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Last Week..



Mooonie 1 - Faith No More by Mooonwitch GC53721

Creeper by Shazzo GC4B9K5

Hard Right A cache by Shazzo GC4M5HE


Dave Debaeremaeker

Heya BenignSource and Doctor D.

So some feedback from ep 40.  Disclaimer: I have only listened to the first 30 minutes or so during my ride in to work.  I will listen to the rest on the way home, but I wanted to get this feedback out now so I don't forget about it during the day.

First of all, you definitely have to be careful using StreetView for solving puzzles, tho I have used it successfully in the past.  There are several issues, depending on where you are (and I have no idea if any of this applies to the UK):  1)  Some of the address locations are dependent on outside data sources, and are only as good as the data source they came from, and sometimes those sources contain inaccurate data.  Also the GPS can be off by a bit as well (just like you expect at a geocaching GZ, the natural error can be up to 30ft off).  Also, StreetView often blurs house numbers, so it may not be possible to read the numbers anyway.  I am not sure in what countries this happens, but it does happen.  Finally., StreetView will show you the closest image to the GPS coordinates, and they only take photos every so often. On my street it seems to be about every 30ft or so.  So if you add it all up its not inconceivable to be 60ft or so off, and have
the required info for a puzzle be blurred out anyway.

I have successfully used it when it was "read the numbers off a pole on a bridge", or "count the benches outside of a business".  Your mileage may vary, so its likely best to visit the location.

Second, GCDoc was looking for Dr. Who themed caches.  I have one of my own, which I turned into a book library: LIbrary of Gallifrey  It is a field puzzle using two containers. Hanging in a tree is a small TARDIS (12inches high or so, custom made out of wood).  You need to read the cache description to figure out how to open the lock on the TARDIS door.  Once inside you get a key to unlock an ammo can (at the base of the tree).  Inside the ammo can (painted TARDIS blue) are a bunch of books people can trade for, including a lock'n'lock containing the log, and a place to put TBs. Might be an idea for others to copy.  I have pics on my blog: if anyone wants more details on the container.

Thirdly, unlike you I love a good multi.  However I do prefer it when each stage gives a clear way to double check the coordinates.  Either by giving them to you outright, or providing a verification method, such as a geochecker, or a checksum.  You can also, in some cases, look at the coordinates on a map to sanity check if they make sense. If your coordinates put you somewhere were a geocache obviously can't be, you know you got something wrong and you need to double check your calculations. This has saved me on numerous (tho not all) occasions
when I have made mistakes in my math, or data gathering.

That is it so far.  Keep up the good work!


Karl, KAB1972

Hi Guys

Just been enjoying your latest show. It is not an 11 on Sam's shirt, it's a pause ( or "on strike" as Sam calls it)

Looking forward to the next show, happy caching

PS feel free to offence Alex some more for his comments on your lady voice :)

PPS Alex - @(B - has his 11th birthday on Tuesday,  making him the oldest boy in the school when he goes back next week,  chances of him behaving like it may be slim, maybe he needs a reminder :) 

He's had his own caching account for a few months and has logged over 50 finds (unlike Dr D) and his all 7 #SofA.

PPPS My thoughts on giving back to caching. .... I've placed a number of caches and planning some with Alex,  you and Sam Oh-Beep. 

From The Monkey King

Dear Dr D,
Had I known that my giving you my password to my email account so that you could secretly email another man's girlfriend, I would not have agreed to let you use my account.

When you asked me to use my email account to contact a special friend, I thought it was because it was because you were shy about a crush you had on someone in your own town, and feared rejection.

I was shocked to learn that not only did you use my email to chat to someone in another country, but that she is already going out with someone else!

To make it even worse, you blamed 'banana source' (or was that 'dinosaur'?) for your actions and didn't have the decency to 'man up' and accept responsibility for your own actions.

As such, I have no option but to change my email password and wash my hands of the whole event.

You Sir, are a bounder and a cad! For shame!

The Monkey King

Dumb Things Geocachers Do..

Use inappropriate cache containers.  Things like food containers, or our favourite a grenade:

Grenade Geocache

Ask Doctor D..

Dave Debaeremaeker If you are illiterate and cannot sign your name, can you claim a
find without signing the log?

Travelbug Race..

Log for Oh Beep! Where are my other legs?

"It's worth pointing out so the owner is aware that this nice Dr Who related trackable has spent time resting in a cache at the former (2006-2012) Doctor Who BBC TV studios in Upper Boat." 

The cache in question

#2 Upper Boat Trail - Power Station by pauldignam1999 - GC4GJRE

The Monkey King's Southern S@m hasn't moved - it won't take much for it to reach its destination though.

GeoPauls Video of the Week..

GeoPaul - Geocaching In Spain


How much information do you expect to see on a cache page?  What is the minimum you expect to see?

Jeff King - If there's nothing to say about the location then don't bother placing a cache.

Jim Bay - given that most people fail to read the description, it seems the name and co-ords are enough, but I prefer to read everything, as it can make the difference between a 'found it' and a 'DNF'. Thus the minimum for me is as much information the cache owner can give me.

Tony Liddell  - Tbh I rarely read the description, and am especially put off by lots of writing. I appreciate the CO is often hi lightning the relevance of the location, but I must admit to usually only looking at the co ords and hints  feel guily now

News & Events..

Nonprofits to compete for $35,000 in geocache adventure -

Gold bullion worth £10,000 buried on Folkestone beach -

This Geocacher Will Never Forget 
by Friday Unemployment Club | GC5BVK8 | Illinois 11/9/14

Buffalo Bill Meet & Greet 
by chiefryback & 10 Cachingpaws | GC56VQV | Wyoming 10/9/14

Monthly Mid-Week Meet in Sussex # 78 
by Sussex Cachers | GC5ARXP | South East England, United Kingdom 17/9/14

GAGB 2014: Cleave Dyke Clearance 
by richlay with robtheranger | GC59168 | Yorkshire, United Kingdom 14/9/14

Geocaching 101 (Bon Accord's Summer Skies) 
by Town of Bon Accord | GC59PBN | Alberta, Canada 20/9/14

Come Celebrate 1000 caches with Theshattells
by Theshattells | GC5BHJY | South Australia, Australia 14/9/14

Letni kolo-kilometry 
by myskakarel | GC5BMM9 | Pardubicky kraj, Czech Republic 14/9/14

[GLE14] Afterparty 
by Budels Geocachers Gilde | GC52XVN | Noord-Brabant, Netherlands 20/9/14

Doctor Who Geek Out..

Who's your Doctor?

BananaSource - Tom Baker

Doctor D - Matt Smith

Scott Berks - 

Hey geniuses,

And you claim you're from England. Shame on you. Let an American explain it to you.

The Tardis wasn't always a Police Box. Remember, it just got stuck that way. So when it was originally created, it could have had much bigger doors, or no doors at all. We'll never know.

Kinda sad that I have to explain to this to you. Turn in your Doctor Who membership cards please.

Our response...Thats a door, from a freshly stolen TARDIS!