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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Feb 9, 2014

Ep 16This week on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast how to beat your adults to the find

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Housekeeping from Show 15..

Apologies to Julia, who provided audio for last weeks Because of Geocaching.  During the show, we changed Julia into Barbara.

Because of Geocaching...

This weeks Because of Geocaching guest is Corey Stevens. Corey is one of the recent additions to the hosting lineup of the Geocaching Podcast.


Feedback this week was on The UK Geocaching Podcast Episode 27.  Collin has a rebuttal to Dr D's SOUTH-ern argument.

The Monkey King has picked his TB for the race we talked about last week.  He's gone for a Harry Potter theme.  With a working title of SOUTH-ern S@m.

News & Events...

Northants Natters No. 14 - 5000 Milestone
by wallacewarrior | GC4Y0MT | East Midlands, United Kingdom

KT33 - Wheels Down For Happy Landings!
by maxmcfc | GC4WTDN | Northwest England, United Kingdom

A MOOooooving Return
by Birdwatchdave & Longtailedkite | GC4XB8V | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Brew with a View - Feb 2014 - Chicks Trix
by Jurassic Parkinsons | GC4WC83 | Yorkshire, United Kingdom

BFGs 9.00AM Bacon Buttie PuzzleMeet.
by Sir BFG | GC4X6VR | West Midlands, United Kingdom

Willey Moor Lock Tavern Meet
by Lady Wild Goose | GC4X784 | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Other News...

Geocaching for charity - news article, by Kirsty James, on the This Is The West Country website:

FUNDRAISERS are taking part in a Geocaching event as part of a challenge to raise £12,000 for 12 different charities.

Nicola Noad and Tammy Ellis founded 'Challenge Twelve' in December 2012 when they decided to take part in 12 challenges over 12 months to raise £1,200 for 12 different charities.

But this year they are aiming to raise £12,000 and their next challenge is a Geocaching Trail starting and ending at Southwell House, Highbridge, on February 23 from 10am to 3pm - in aid of Alice's Escapes which offers free holidays for terminally ill children.

The event is £2.50 per person (Under 12's free) and guests will be given a geocache trail pack filled with information about the route, a quiz and useful items. Refreshments will raise further funds.

Guests will need their own GPS device or the Geocache App. For more information visit Donate at or by text with the code CHAL97 and amount £? to 70070.

GeoGearHeads...BananaSource will be on next weeks GeoGearHeads episode GeoGearHeads 111: Mac OS Geocaching Apps I

Other Podcasts...

The UK Geocaching Podcast released their latest episode this week.

Also The Podcache Show have released Episode 30.  They have a great roving report from Jacaru, also an entertaining bloopers reel.


1. Offer to hold the GPSr, you’ll have the advantage then

2. You’re younger and fitter, run ahead to GZ

3.  If you can’t hold the GPSr/phone keep asking what the hint is and what previous logs say

4.  If out on a cache and dash, make sure you’re first out of the car (make sure you do this safely)

5.  Read ahead.  Find out which caches your adult is taking you to and then read the logs/hints before you go out.

6. If you have brothers/sisters/friends who are out caching with you take it in turns to feign injury when near the cache.  Whilst the adult is distracted with the “injured”, the other child keeps on searching to grab the find.

7.  Send them on a wild goose chase.  Point to a place you can’t reach and say you think you see the cache there.  Meanwhile, look where you think the cache actually is.

8. Kids, remember, most of the time you're at a level closer to where most caches are hidden - make the most of that advantage.

Tony Liddell Having eyes at a lower level often helps


This week we're giving away a Work Zone 3 Piece Inspection Tool Kit.  This pack contains a telescopic inspection mirror, magnetic pickup tool with LED and a magnetic parts tray.  To win this prize, all you need to do is answer this simple question:

In episode 15, what was so tasty Dr D had to record it on video?

The winner will be announced on Episode 18, in two weeks time.

Coming Up...

On episode 17 we have an interview with John from Travel Fleas.  Then on episode 18 we're taking a look at the top UK Geocaches.  Then on episode 19, we look at the Country Side Code.  We also have plans for an episode on Open Caching.