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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Jan 11, 2015

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Last Week..

This episode was recorded straight after episode 55, we didn't find any caches in the five minutes between recording.


From Redbeard4570..

For 12/13/14 I decided to challenge myself to 4 events on the same day. To add to the fun I added some cache upkeep to the mix. Starting in Dodge City, Kansas on the 12th and ending in Emporia, Kansas on the evening of the 13th. Returning home on the 14th. Yes, a few caches were grabbed along the way and dozens of travel bugs were discovered. 378 miles were driven on the 12th. Upkeep work was preformed on GC3EBQ3 and GC3EBVN, both being log replacement. Events started on the13th with the first being GC5GQQM "Smokey Valley Cachers Brunch 10:11 12/13/14" in Salina, Kansas. 2nd was GC5C305 "Christmas Where ALL Families Are Welcome" in Derby, Kansas. 3rd stop GC5H086 "Last Chance before 01/02/03" in Herrington, Kansas. Final event being GC5GZ23 "Christmas Meet & Greet" in Emporia, Kansas. 223 miles were driven on the 13th. Total miles traveled by the time I returned home were 797.  All events were great fun and I was so glad I talked myself into the challenge. Hope to try multi events again in the future. Did anyone else attend any events or cache on this rare date? Redbeard4570

From The Monkey King..

G'day Mark & Sam,
I hope you are having a great festive season.The last show was great to listen to as usual - I laughed myself silly on hearing the story of Sam being set on fire: BEST STORY EVER. I managed to find a couple of caches on Christmas day whilst out on a bike ride to burn off some of Christmas dinner.Last night I had a geocaching dream... the first time I have had a geocaching dream since I started caching in 2011.I was in my house (well, the place I was living in during my nightmare) and Walt from the Chicago Geocachers turned up on the door step. I remember thinking 'wow! one of the geocaching podcasting guys!'I invited Walt in and we were discussing going geocaching together. I suggested looking at the map showing caches around the local area for good ones to find, but Walt produced an app on a phone that produced all kinds of sweet geocaching information.It was then that I woke up.I have no idea why I would be dreaming about Walt, but thankfully it was in a geocaching capacity.cheers,
the Monkey King

Nemesis Geocaches..

From Redbeard4570

GC4810H Needle in a hay stack by alleycat0619

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

Hide their geocaches on private property, or hiding it on land without permission.

Ask Doctor D..

Due to a lack of questions, Doctor D felt the need to fill in with some useless facts.

GGH Tips..

Did you know that there are four different types of pocket queries? Check out "GeoGearHeads 149: Pocket Queries I" to learn what those types are, and many other tips to enhance your Pocket Query skills.

Travelbug Race..

Our Oh Beep! Where are my other legs? is now in Australia. Tracking History (11904.7mi).  Last known location, GC5A4KA xoB tsoP arrumarruT by Post Master B@W

The Monkey King’s Southern S@m has gone missing, again. Last seen GC1JAJK Der Römer by Aga & Deti.

GeoPauls Video Of The Week..

Finding A Cache With Some Christmas Magic

Check more GeoPaul videos at his YouTube Channel 



Travelfleas has changed its name to

Tips for setting your Geocaching Goals for 2015 (From

Piratemania 8 - GC5B3WH