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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Oct 12, 2014

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Last Week..

One cache find:

GC58E06 - 28 Days Later - Abandoned Road by stuarthowe11

Not a cache to do after dark - I got a real chill from being here placing the cache at 6pm


We were wanting to do GC27063 CASTLE ROCK EARTHCACHE - NOTTINGHAM by north king, but life got in the way.  But when researching this cache we noticed the following log from moan-a-lot:

They say earth caches are supposed to teach you something, well this 1 certainly taught me never to take the part time caching wife and geo boy in to Nottingham! It cost me a top of the range frying pan, a boys sling shot, a fish tank and a cuddly toy (ok slight exaggeration there it was some posh pumpkin seed snacks)


From Steve...

Hey guys.  My name is Steve Weeks, and a few years back, I released a CD of Geocaching music called ”Found It!” by the Travel Bugs.I just wanted to let you know that I’m about to launch a Kickstarter campaign to see if I can fund another CD of Geocaching music.  The campaign will launch on 10/15/2014 and will last 30 days. Since the campaign duration is so short, the real trick is trying to reach the Geocaching community in time, so I’d greatly appreciate any help getting the word out on 10/15.

Despite the seemingly risqué title, the music, like the last CD, will be family friendly.Thanks a million and happy geocaching!

Check out the kickstarter page:


From Dave/DudleyGrunt...


OpenCaching North America's latest blog features an interview with the creators of the new GoCache card game.

Their Kickstarter just launched yesterday and they've already met their initial goal.  Additional backers and money will allow for improved packages for all.  Check it and and watch their promotional video, too.

I hope you'll consider featuring them / the game on the podcast.

Happy Trails!

Nemesis Geocache..

Not a Geocache this week, instead we have a nemesis geocacher.  It seems our very own GeoPaul has become the nemesis of a four year old Geocacher.

Dr Evil Nemesis

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

There is a great blog post on covering 5 Geocaching Etiquette Tips, the one we discuss is:

Leave No Trace – Be kind to the geocaching game board, which happens to be the entire world.

This is also something we touched on in episode 19 ( - The Countryside Code).  When Geocachers leave an area in a worse state than how they found it, then it spoils the area and game for everyone.

Ask Doctor D..

From Lucie (on Facebook)...

Helloooo :) Discovered an interesting fact recently that made me think of you - someone at work was asking if dock leaves really do help for nettle stings or if it's a placebo/old wives' tale sort of thing. It made us wonder! I found out the answer but wondered if you knew? Congratulations on reaching 100 likes btw! :)

Travelbug Race..

Our Oh Beep! Where are my other legs? is now in Australia. Tracking History (11510.3mi).  Last known location: GC5AHKF The Amazing Chase event cache by Geocaching NSW

The Monkey King’s Southern S@m is still MIA.  Tracking History (10145.9mi).

GeoPaul's Video Of The Week..

Eternal Flame EarthCache by wvhunter1968




Check out GeoPaul's Youtube channel HERE.

Check out Chasing Smilies HERE (warning NOT FOR CHILDREN)


DarrylW4 retired from The Geocaching Podcast, after nearly 8 years of co-hosting the show.  He goes inside the sausage on his last episode.

Email warned that potential bomb scare could be caused by geocaching (From


Submitted by Dave DeBaeremaeker Going Caching MMXIV geocaching Mega-Event (GC4AHKM) in Rome, Georgia on 18th October 2014. (More information at This event has a chariot race, need we say more.

International EarthCache Day

First EarthCache:
GCHFT2 - Earthcache I - a simple geology tour of Wasp Head by geoaware placed on 10/1/04 in NSW Australia ftf was tankengine
What's needed to hunt an EarthCache..
GPS account
A way to get there
Maybe a book to make notes in
What i enjoy/what's good about them
  1. Learning:
    1. About the history of the area
    2. About the ecology of the area
    3. Environment
    4. How the natural landmarks around us have been formed
  2. You get to explore an area in greater detail than you normally would with traditional geocaches
  3. Its all about the location
  4. Can take you to some nice and peaceful areas
  5. You don't look like weirdos when trying to find the answers
  6. Often don't have to worry about muggles