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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Nov 13, 2018

On this weeks show...

Featuring special guest Mr Scott Berks of The Geocaching Podcast, with an exclusive announcement.

Song mention at the start of the conversation Geocaching by MC Binery

Miss Watto and I were recently doing a virtual cache in Loughborough (GC7B956 War Memorial #388 - Loughborough Carillon Tower by sixxdoguk).

Loughborough war memorial

Without giving too much away the cache required us to count the number of letters on the memorial plaques at the cache location.  Mid-way through counting it occurred to me how foolish we must look to anyone passing by.  The technique we both employed was the stand very close to the plaques and run our fingers along the surface to keep track of where we'd counted to.

We're both professional people, stood in a part, at a war memorial standing close to a wall counting letters.  There are people I work with who use that park, anyone of them could have observed me.

Did this stop either of us?  Not in the slightest.  We were determined to get that find.  Plus we were having a good afternoon caching, making the most of the good weather while it lasted.

Scott tells the story of Geocaching under an outdoor cinema screen and a really funny story about Walt Grogan face planting in to a pond.


Diary of Physicist Farmgirl by Debra Burris

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