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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Jul 26, 2015

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This Week..

Feedback from the one true North (Canada)

Stories from Chenobyl

Steam Punk GPSr

Muggles go outdoors (a bomb alert)

The future of Geocaching

Last Week..

Audio from our day out to the 4th Biannual Sutton Cache Fest, with an interview with Lucie Melen.

25/07/2015 Oh Beep! attended 4th Biannual Sutton Cache Fest *Summer 2015* Visit Log
25/07/2015 Oh Beep! found High Quality Visit Log
25/07/2015 Oh Beep! found "If you liked it then you shoulda...." Visit Log
25/07/2015 Oh Beep! found Church Micro 1330…Sutton in the Isle Visit Log
23/07/2015 Oh Beep! will attend 4th Biannual Sutton Cache Fest *Summer 2015* Visit Log
12/07/2015 Oh Beep! found TRotAM Part II: #2 The silence of the sea Visit Log
12/07/2015 Oh Beep! found TRotAM Part II: #3 Water, water, every where Visit Log
12/07/2015 Oh Beep! found TRotAM Part II: #4 Slimy things Visit Log
12/07/2015 Oh Beep! found TRotAM Part III: #1 A certain shape Visit Log
11/07/2015 Oh Beep! found Angie's Cache. Visit Log
11/07/2015 Oh Beep! found one of five Visit Log
11/07/2015 Oh Beep! found two of five Visit Log
11/07/2015 Oh Beep! found three of five Visit Log
11/07/2015 Oh Beep! found four of five Visit Log
11/07/2015 Oh Beep! found five of five Visit Log



Steam Pubk GPSr

It must be summer - muggles, who never venture outdoors, are finding all sorts of suspicious packages.

When geocaching goes awry (From

“While the Dover Police Department understands the recreational activity of geocaching, we ask that creators of geocache finds create items that are more obvious in nature,” police spokesman Mark Hoffman said in a statement.


From LANMonkey (audio)

From Wet_Coaster The little-known Canadian version of American football

The sports of American and Canadian football both developed in the mid-19th Century, evolving from the British game of rugby.

While the two forms of gridiron are in essence the same game, there are some key rule differences. For example, Canadian football has larger pitch measurements, and one more player per side.

"Canadians are acutely aware of the cultural differences [between the two countries], and acutely interested in maintaining their own separate cultural identity," he says. "The CFL is one way they can do that."

David Holmes, 51, a lifelong fan of Vancouver's CFL team, the BC Lions, happily points out that the first recorded game of Canadian football took place in 1861, eight years before the first documented American football match.

Field Report From Zack..

Moan-A-Lots Son Zack (aka The Silent Searcher) sends us a field report - its actually like a 10 minute version of the randomness that is Oh Beep!)

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

Not having a backup plan when doing a challenge.

BananaSource finds out the "easy" route can come with consequences.

Nemesis Geocache..

GC20F9Z Under Powered by CromScout & Trouble'N'Strife

GGH Tips..

Want to watch the journey of a trackable? You can click on the the "View in Google Earth" link from the trackable's page to download a KML file which opens in Google Earth allowing you to fly along the stops. That was just one of the many fun topics in "GGH 162: Randomize XXXI." 

Ask Doctor D..

What do you think about 'throw down caches'?

GeoPauls Video of the Week...

The future of Geocaching by TheChristophalos




Ey Up Me Duck Challenge..

Junes Ey Up Me Duck Challenge, how did we do?

July challenge: there are 5 different sized caches you can find: micro, small, regular, large and other. Easier challenge see if you can find 4 different sizes during the month. Harder challenge see if you can find an example of each on the sane day.

From Damian..
Hi Guys,
I hope you get a chance to read this out we are Aussies and we always get a good laugh when you guys do the accents :)
Managed to complete July's Ey Up Me Duck challenge in one day. We headed out to do some caching on the 17th of July with the plan that by the end of the day we will have achieved a 5 terrain cache earned the souvenir and also made our 700th find. The cache we chose as our D5 was called Animal facts : Giraffe, which was also our 700th find. It wasn't too difficult as we had scoped out GZ a few weeks earlier so knew exactly what we needed to make the find, we were delayed slightly when grabbing this cache as the council workers were grading a nearby dirt road. As a bonus we managed to find all 5 cache types in the one day.
Anyway the caches we found were;
Regular (Our 700th find)
Not chosen
All up it was a successful afternoons caching with 7 finds in total.
Keep up the good work guys

From Dave DeBaeremaeker..

Hey BananaSauce and Doctor D!

I have finally gotten my ducks in a row and managed to qualify for an Eye Up Me Duck challenge.

I did not manage to find all the types in 24 hours, but that was due to there being a 14 hour drive from North Carolina to Canada (Canada oi! oi!) in the middle of the attempt.  However I got four of them (unknown, micro, small, regular), and managed to introduce 3 new people to geocaching.  The time from start to finish was just under 30 hours.

I have a few large caches on my list, so I should get the 5th type before the end of the month.

This was a fun challenge.   Thanks!


Facts of the Uselessness..

The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..

From Lucie Melen..

Saw this and thought of you... While in London at the weekend, found a cache here, and thought you'd like it!