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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Oct 1, 2016

This Week..

Moan-A-Lot joins us to share some of his Geocaching rants.

Rant 1.

People who don't log their finds on the listing site.

Doctor D finally moves on the Evil Feathers TB.

Ask Doctor D..

From Docfirewoman

How do you get your Geocaching mojo back?

Rant 2.

Lamp post Geocaches in the UK compared with the USA.

Rant 3.

Doctor D's poor attempts at Geocache maintenance.

Doctor D goes on strike, again, due to lack of quality Geocaches.

Rant 4.

We all hate multi's, but all our favourite Geocaches are multi's.

Rant 5.

The Geocaching app and other apps.

Rant 6.

Arrogant alarm clocks.

Rant 7.

Experienced Geocachers complaining about not being able to find your Geocache, which was an easy find for a first timer.

Rant 8.

People who complain co-ords are out, despite 120 people before finding the Geocache exactly where it was hidden.

Rant 9.

People putting Geocaches back where the THINK it should be hidden, despite the owners original intent.

Rant 10.

Why we don't like urban caches

Rant 11.

Reviewers who have their favourite Geocachers.

Rant 12.

Geocachers who will take to social media to complain but don't approach the person they have issue with directly.

Rant 13.

The Geocaching police.

Rant 14.

Buried Geocaches.

Rant 15.

Geocaching police who don't like people putting a new series in the same place as an archived series.

Find Moan-A-Lot at his Facebook group Geocachers Anonymous

Rant 16.

Logging Geocaches as a team.

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