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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Aug 13, 2015

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This Week..

We make good progress on the Geocaching Road Trip (How is Sam doing with his?)

More muggles go outside

Random feedback

Does Dr D prefer GSAK or Project-GC?

Nerd approved light switches

Last Week..

BananaSource appeared on GeoGearHeads...GGH 188: Randomize XXXVI

We earned two of the Geocaching Road Trip Souvenirs

GC4KPGV - Plane Spotting???? by Kelex (play audio)

GC5A7DW - Trafalgar Square by -KROP-  (play audio)

Did we find the embassy or not?

Screenshot 2015-08-12 11.28.45

Screenshot 2015-08-12 11.40.35




GC4X7V2 - Nelson's Column by Heidi Seekers


Raspberry Pi goes tracking with GPS add-on (from

The mystery of the Lady in the Wood near Faversham (from

Standing in the middle of a clearing in Otterden woodland is a nine-foot high statue, carved from an oak tree, which has been shrouded in mystery for the last 40 years.

Pregnant, praying and faceless, the Lady in the Wood is believed to have been created some time in the 1970s.

Collectors discover putative skull (from

Two mushroom pickers (father and daughter) discovered Tuesday a supposed child's skull!

Nearby they found more strange objects, like a camouflage net and parts of grave light.

They (35 and 64) immediately called the police. Spokesman Werner Kraus: "At first sight, the whole thing looked for the officials actually like a folded-out skull." The forest area around the "Tatort" was spacious blocked, notified the homicide unit .

Elderly man 'calmly' smokes pipe while 'sinking' in Loxley lake (From - someone we can only aspire to be like

An elderly man who accidentally drove into a lake sat in his car calmly smoking his pipe as he waited to be rescued, emergency services have said.


From AlienChauncey..

I've recently found my 1000th geocache on my 300th day in a row caching. I've also hosted my first event as well as finding 10 different geocaching types in a day.
please share with your listeners thanks

AlienChauncey Florida USA

From StaticJay..

Just listening to the show good to hear you guys back. FYI I could blow up your car with a special mixture in a pill bottle. Lol

From Virginia and Damian..

G'day Mates,
Just finished listening to the most recent episode, very funny but that's cheating using the accent simulator to read out my letter :)
The Karen voice is the same one as used in my Garmin Nuvi, some of her pronunciations can be quite funny, she seems to have a funny way of saying some words; Ross and Avenue  for example and often trips up on cache names try getting her to say SHHHH
Anyway look forward to the next episode.
Best wishes,
From Dave Self (aka Dudley Grunt)
The boy has infected me. There are times that I'm minding my own business and hear / see a reference to Canada and find myself thinking / saying, "Canada, Canada! Oy, Oy!"

From Danno (Dan-No) Pugatch (Poo Gah Tch)

Greetings from Portland, Maine USA!

Danno of Team_Pugatch just writing in to let you guys know I listened to my first episode of the Oh Beep Podcast (Lost in Translation.) I enjoyed it very much and look forward to future episodes. I dd notice the lack of dialects in your episode and wanted to give you a primer on how to speak like you are from Boston, Massachusetts whereI grew up.

Bawstin (Boston) the city
Cah (Car) an automobile
Havahd (Harvard) the university
Haht (Hot) temperature
Pahk (Park) where we geocache
Geocah shh (Geocache) what we find in the park
Lobstah (Lobster) our main meal around here
Coppah (Copper) the law enforcement officer

It is not atypical to drive your cah around Bawstin searching for a geocah shh in the pahk. Make sure you do not illegally pahk your cah in Havahd or the coppah will write you a ticket.

Keep on Podcasting, and if you ever come across the Pond look me up and I’ll take you guys out for lobtah and pints of bittah!

-Danno (Dan-No) Pugatch (Poo Gah Tch)

GGH Tips..

Many GeoGearHeads talked about how they use mass transit when travelling to save time, money, and aggrevation on "GGH 172: Mass Transit Caching I." Using a cities buses, trains, toley, subways, and more can be faster than dealing with the surface traffic. Many times it's cheaper than parking that rental car. It can also make your trip more enjoyable since your won't have to worry about the local laws and strange streets.

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

Don't drop the finder.  Tell your partner you're online recording.  Watch the cow poo.


His cache recommendation resulted in Doctor D being dropped

GeoPauls Video of the Week..

Pauls 900th Cache Find




Ask Doctor D..

From Tony Liddell 

Does he prefer GSAK or Project GC?

Jim Bay 

What is Dr D's thoughts on people that pick up travel bugs and don't bother reading the mission for that travel bug, and instead do their own thing with the travel bug?

Ey Up Me Duck Challenge..

Winner for July's challenge


August Challenge

My challenge for August is to put out and get published 2 caches BUT they have to be of two different types.

Facts of the Uselessness..

Nerd approved light switch (From

The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..

The Doctor is back 19th September