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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Mar 9, 2014

1400 x 1400 ep 20On this episode of The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast we're interviewing DudleyGrunt and Mr. Yuck from OpenCaching North America

Our very own Cache Zilla (aka Sophie) appears on the latest Night Light Stories release.  The story is Terrapene Ornata, Part 2, a story about Haver a young boy new to Geocaching.

Haver, a bit of a neat freak, heads out to find the first of the 21 caches hidden by expert geocacher, Babatoochee. Unfortunately for Haver, obtaining the cache isn’t as easy as he had hoped.

Thank you to Miss Mel, from Night Light Stories, for inviting Sophie.

Night Light Stories is a podcast featuring original children’s stories. These stories were all originally told by the friendly glow of a child’s night light.

You can find Night Light Stories at the following places:


Because of Geocaching...

LJ from The UK Geocaching Podcast


Ask Doctor D...

Chad Chapman asked... Dr. D, what is your favorite thing you have found in a cache?

News & Events...

The Happening 28
by emmaw | GC4YT86 | Eastern England, United Kingdom

Sunset on the Spring Equinox 2014
by The Imp | GC4WX2Z | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Bottoms Up Event
by Great T'Phon | GC4YE2Q | Southern England, United Kingdom

Northants Natters #15
by mcaddy | GC4YTHT | East Midlands, United Kingdom

£2 needed, March Equinox event
by trebor nosnwot | GC4W7EX | Northwest England, United Kingdom

TwoEds For Breakfast
by Jacaru | GC4WNNT | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Hot dates 😉
by Beach_hut | GC4Y6W4 | Eastern England, United Kingdom

Sweet 16 - Look at you now
by angellica | GC4Z7TK | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Hop and Controversy
by Simply Paul | GC4XD3M | Southern England, United Kingdom

Other News...

For listeners in the UK, the Britain On Foot website is a great resource for people who enjoy the outdoors.  They have quick guides for how to get started in several different activities (including geocaching) and events calendars.

Video of the week...

Geocache in a creepy house by TheEvilGeocacher

Opencaching Interview...

About OpenCaching North America


Free geocache listings for the United States, Canada, Mexico and other North American territories. We are part of the (mostly European) world wide OpenCaching network, which was founded in 2005. We predate, and are not affiliated with, the Garmin website. The vast majority of our users, including the site Admins, all use and, we simply provide a free alternative, on a volunteer basis. We accept, but discourage cross-listed caches, and most of the caches found on our site are unique to our site. Visit us at and the Country top level domain names and also point to our website, as well as Jim, AKA Mr.Yuck on most Geocaching websites, as profiled in the very first blog post of March 13, 2013, is the primary blogger. We also post the content of the HikerJamz Geocaching Talk Show, and The GCDoc YouTube channel as guest blog posts weekly.

Links mentioned in the interview:

Where to find an OpenCaching listing site in your country

Opencaching compatible smartphone apps page:

Blog post comparing Opencaching North America vs. Garmins opencaching site: