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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Nov 15, 2015

We were going to record a normal episode, but decided to go out and attempt a Whereigo. The Whereigo we attempted Tempus Fugit Created by: RascalGaskells.  This episode is another out and about, travelling through time exploring the history of Leicester.

2:45 Thoughts before going out and attempting the Whereigo..

Trying to use the app to download a Wherigo - won’t allow you to select the pocket pc download.

Logging in to the Whereigo app was hit and miss, eventually allowed me to.

On the website, apparently my UK postcode isn’t valid.

I was able to finally download the Wherigo I wanted.

Getting the cartridge to the phone was easy using Apple air drop - a matter of seconds.

Overall impression - you have to REALLY want to do a Whereigo to put yourself through the frustration that is the app and the website.

11:12 Out and about audio commences

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The videos also contain some bonus content, not covered in the podcast itself.


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