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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Aug 31, 2015

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This Week..

One cache 3 souvenirs

Travelbug race updates

News from the F Bomb Disposal Unit

A really offensive Geocache

GeoPaul's at the races

Doctor Who turns 50, again!

Last Week..

GC4MP47 Kelex's 300th Cache by Kelex this one cache earned us 3 souvenirs.


Not Geocaching Related..

We've found a new podcasting rig we'd like




Travelbug Updates..

Oh Beep! Where are my other legs? has had the dreaded "not in cache" message.  Last spotted in cache GCRKN4 Laguna Lookout, having travelled 12811 miles.

Southern S@m by The Monkey King is now in Greece, after spending months in Germany.  Last spotted in cache GC441Y4 Two mills, one Quarry by OMILOS.  Well worth checking out the cache page, the location is what Geocaching is all about.  The TB has now done 12834 mile.

Norfolk 2 Norfolk Travelbug Race

Doctor D's Invasion of Canada is in Ireland, in cache GC5V0X3 Kells View reloaded by Juergen + Elke in Ireland.  Its racked up 12576mi and not even hit Canada yet.  Currently sitting 6th in the race table, with 3209 more miles to travel

Whistle Stop Tour to Norfolk is en route to Austria, last seen on July 1st.  Its racked up 1001 miles.  Currently sitting 14th in the race table, with 4160 miles to travel.


Garmins died.

Finally a game for arm chair

Geocaching Game Prompts Police Investigation (From

The Massachusetts State Police Troop F Bomb Disposal Unit from Logan Airport was on scene by 6:30 pm.

A search of one Geocaching site on the Internet shows numerous packages left behind on the North Shore.

In See-Something-Say-Something Era, Geocachers’ Hidden Treasures Set Off Alarms (From - Mr Berks and Mr Smith take the stand in defence of Geocaching.


Audio feedback from Danno of Team_Pugatch

From Cache On Wheels

How's this for offensiving?? Did this cache today ... GC1J16G ...auf schusters rappen...(stop the BULLS*T micro) by ichel

Heth also sent this photo of a trackable she recently found..


From Eric and Virginia
Virginia and I went to the Moncton Mega Event they just had and after we crossed the border into Canada I looked at her and had to say " Canada, Canada Oi Oi" so thanks a lot Doctor D and this I can not blame on Mone-A-Lot  !  
Although I think Mone-A-lot might have been working the gaurd post on the way back into Maine because that guy had some issues. 

From karl on Twitter..

 @(B and friends at GC5ZE5Q Monthly Mid Week in Sussex event cache - another road trip souvenir gained :)


 small event, GZ co-ords gave the location of the bbq grill - hot and ready to cook


Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

From Ey Up Me Duck

Dumb stuff geocachers do: we have a bike rack which fits on our tow bar and can be lowered down to get in the boot. Ady has a few times lowered this, got stuff out the boot, raised the bike rack and got back in the car ready to drive off before realising boot us still open!!

We also did a wherigo near Bourne which had clues to each stage which you had to decipher in rot 13. Annoyingly it wouldn't let you copy and paste so Ady would read out the code and I'd type them into a decoder. 3 timed during this wherigo he read me the letters to the last hint!! Arg,!
Or do a tree climb at the mega, sped up on ropes but on the descent Ady pressed descender to steady himself - not a good idea as he then sped towards the ground back first! Luckily he was okay although the hearts of those watching weren't.

GGH Tips..

When we spoke with noted Metro Detroit hider Puzzler26 he shared his "close clues" concept. Clues are hidden around some of his geocaches with information to entertain or inform the finders. Check out that interview and get some inspiration for your #geocaching on "GGH 171: Puzzler26." 

Ask Doctor D..

From Seb Mya

what's the dream cache he wants to find? (Tardis serving hot chocolate doesn't count wink emoticon )

Bonus question from Collin French

why my wee smells of boiled cabbage. 





The mighty Notts County were beating Aston Villa 2-1 in the week.  Moan-A-Lot asks how they're doing and go on to lose 5-3.  Had he not shown an interest, we'd have won.

GeoPauls Video Of The Week..

Geocaching at the races




Ey Up Me Duck Challenge..

From Marcus Maximi 

Was the August chalenge to get 2 different types of caches published? I had a mystery published ( and lots of trads in the Q at the moment

We have gone an alternative route with ours, using

LC8DSL Jets Away - this is a locationless cache

TC9OH8 Little Donkeys - our traditional cache

Facts Of The Uselessness..

The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..

Doctor who? Peter Cushing’s Dr Who and the Daleks turns 50

Who said what The Doctor Or Clara quiz