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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Jul 27, 2014

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Last Week..

No time for Geocaching, but we may be able to get these caches in before the end of the weekend.

Church Micro 6093 ... Castle Donington - St Edward - A cache by GeoSandJLeo - GC58DW3

Church Micro 6094 ... Castle Donington - Methodist - A cache by GeoSandJLeo - GC58DXJ

Smell the Juice - A cache by stuarthowe11 - GC58E0H

Born to be Wild - A cache by stuarthowe11 - GC58E0M

Doctor D broke the Americans

Dress like a podcaster...

Harlequin chef's trousers as per Collin from The UK Geocaching Podcast

Tie dye like HeadHardHat, from as modelled by Doctor D.

tie dye








or rock a moustache, like Walt Grogan from and The Bad Cop from


Because of Geocaching..


YouTube channel

Caching In The NorthWest podcast


The Monkey King

G'day Guys,
Just finished listening to the latest show, and I enjoyed it very much.

Dr D needs to do better Google searches on the States of Australia. The State of Victoria was established in 1851, so maybe Dr D was looking at Australian Colonial when looking up where Victoria is... as it hasn't been part of New South Wales since that date.

Also, Victoria is almost as big as the United Kingdom, so my 'Part of NSW' as Dr D put it, would fit every thing except Northern Island with in it's boarders.

I loved the interview with Geocass, and I hope the 2015 Mega Event will be great fun for all involved.


ps - look forward to seeing photos of Dr D's Dalek costume mentioned in the show.

Dumb Things Geocachers Do..

Forget to re-new their Premium membership to

Travelbug Race..

Ours is currently bouncing around South Wales...with 258 miles under its belt.

The Monkey Kings is on 139 miles and hasn't moved since 6th July.

Ask Doctor D..

DarrylW4 asks about podcasters who don't geocache much.

News & Events..

HELP ITS HALF TERM!!!! An event cache by moan-a-lot & Trevorsilk - GC586G6

Bucket and spade time Again!! 
by Norfolk12 | GC57A6V | Eastern England, United Kingdom 16/8/2014

by Sir-Lancelot | GC59420 | South East England, United Kingdom 15/8/2014

Team O's next big adventure... 
by silly_one_75 | GC57JQX | California 16/8/2014

A Behind the Mask Event 
by OregonThree | GC59GY9 | Illinois 16/8/2014

"Not At The Block Party... AGAIN!" Event 
by The GO! Team | GC58ZK6 | British Columbia, Canada 16/8/2014

Sunset Geo Party 2014 
by Amigos_do_Geocaching | GC58PK5 | Arquipélago da Madeira, Portugal 16/8/2014

Mingel Event 4 
by TeamToZ | GC597Y3 | Denmark 16/8/2014

Kräftskiva @ Casa del Myrslok, tredje sommaren. 
by Yngve Myrslok & Holm:) | GC573ZV | Västra Götaland, Sweden 23/8/2014

Other News..

Diversified Cacher Contest - August 2014

To celebrate our 4th anniversary (Aug. 18) and the month of International Geocaching Day (Aug. 23), OpenCaching North America will be running a contest for the entire month of August, which encourages people to use alternative geocaching websites (Us and the OpenCaching,GPSgames.orgGeocaching Australia and, as well as the smartphone based GPS games MunzeeSighter and Monster Cache. This contest is inspired by two similar “non-official” contests run in the past by one of our admins, NativTxn, as well as a local “Alternative to the Frog” contest run by Termite Hunter during May and June 2014 at the Greater Charlotte Geocaching Club website. PRIZES include a brand new in the box GPS unit from Terracaching, multiple premium memberships and multiple “virtual packages” from Munzee, a Sighter T-Shirt, Cache Me If You Can Geocaching board game, Monster coins from Monster Cache, swag from Geocaching Australia and much, much more!

Need details? Have questions?

Read on at

OpenCaching North America Admin Team

Dave / DudleyGrunt, Jim / Mr.Yuck, Denise / NativTxn

Geocaching isn't for everyone - as this article on testifies

Geocaching can help you lose weight -

GPS Fail: Driving Across The Oceon -

GeoPaul's Video of the Week..

Starting soon GeoPaul will be taking over video of the week.  This week we have his introduction video:

Check out GeoPaul's Youtube channel HERE

For the Tight Fisted Barstools..

Just renewed our membership - at a cost which is about £7 or £8 more than it would cost in the US.  For us in the UK it is about £25.

Compare that to other hobbies...

Football (Notts County) about £23 per game.

Golf Green Fees - between £14 to £29 per game.

We could have moved off and gone with one of the free listing sites.  They have great caches, but they can be miles apart.  But you'd soon burn that £7 you saved - considering fuel is about £1.31a litre (£6 per gallon).

We could have gone for the free option on  Two reasons we like the Premium - Pocket Queries and Notifications.  The time saved equals more time for caching.

Doctor D doesn't agree and thinks Geocaching should be free for all.

Doctor D's Useless Fact..

Man digs tunnel in India