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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Mar 2, 2014

countryside code 1400 x 1400jThis is the Contryside Code episode of The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast.

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Because of Geocaching...

This week is The Geocaching Vlogger...


Ask Dr D.

E mail from DarrylW4:  This is a question about your personal caching habits; Were you to happen across a geocache torn apart (perhaps smashed as it dropped from its hiding place by a storm) and the log destroyed, what might you do?

For Charity...

Keith Stewart - London to Amsterdam Football League Challenge 2014. Between the 6th and 8th of June 2014, Keith is riding from London to Amsterdam to help raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.  To send donations go to

News & Events...

The first event this week is one sent to us by Daniel Bull, on Facebook...

The Great War Mega Event An event cache by TGW14 Event Date: 31/05/2014

Apollo Ferret's 5th Hot Pot & Roulette Evening
by Apollo Ferret | GC4XPXG | Northwest England, United Kingdom

BBH #75 Bordering on Old Age
by happy_hunter_hp20 and Alibags | GC4XGA5 | Southern England, United Kingdom

by The Teddies | GC4Z2F0 | Southern England, United Kingdom

2014 Events Event
by Jacaru | GC4TPX8 | East Midlands, United Kingdom

BAD Timing
by Boggin's Dad | GC4Z8PK | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Pi Day meet at the "Pi"geon Tower
by The Magna Defender | GC4TBCC | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Mad March Meet 2014
by Team Bentley | GC4XE3Q | Northwest England, United Kingdom

A Fifty:Fifty Chance Of A Centenary Celebration
by The Amasons and Jacaru | GC4YB79 | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Meet and greet
by oluffar | GC4YJ0V | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Mat med venner
by Foggy46 WP | GC4YZBW | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Brew with a View - Mar 2014 - Pendle Hill
by Jurassic Parkinsons | GC4Y446 | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Other News...

This isn't a new site, but we thought it was a cool one for people who like to plan their caching and walks.

Video of the Week...

The Island Cache by Geo Paul

The Countryside Code...

What is it?

From the Natural England website:

"The Countryside Code applies to all parts of the countryside. Most of it is just good common sense, designed to help us all to respect, protect and enjoy our countryside.

The Code, which applies in England and Wales, makes it clear what the responsibilities are for both the public and the people who manage the land.

The Countryside Code started life in the 1950s as the Country Code. It was updated in 2012."

Respect Other People...

  • Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors
  • Leave gates and property as you find them and follow paths unless wider access is available

Protect the natural environment ...

  • Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home
  • Keep dogs under effective control

Enjoy the outdoors...

  • Plan ahead and be prepared
  • Follow advice and local signs

You can find more information on the Countryside Code at