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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Sep 20, 2015

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This Week..

Graffiti herons

An Australian finds his nemesis cache in the UK

We are official card carrying members of the I suck at geocaching association

Dr D deals with muggles

GeoPaul goes to the top of a mountain to find his 1000th Geocache

Last Week..

GC3BYZA # 5 - Winger by cas-tiger


Audio from last weeks Geocaching podcast


New geocache launched mapping trail of Cambridge graffiti herons (From

They've proved a big hit since they started popping up across the city, and now fans of Cambridge's graffiti herons can take advantage of GPS technology to help track them down.

The Black Herons of Cambridge is a new geocache with 11 stops, each featuring one of the mysterious artist's creations, which people can use to help visit the artwork across the city.


Suspicious package is a geocache (From

On the heels of the threat, a resident found a suspicious item near the Lampeter-Strasburg campus that police investigated late Sunday. The item was determined to be a geocache, West Lampeter Township police Chief Brian Wiczkowski said Monday.

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game in which players hide items in a container called a geocache and other people try to find the container using GPS devices and coordinates.


From Danno (Team_Pugatch)

Another great show, can't believe how dumb muggles from Winthrop, Massachusetts (1 town north of Boston) are and creating bomb scares.

We moved to Maine a year ago. I actually had Stephen King and Liv Tyler as customers here! Maine is great the hot summer where it's worth having an air conditioner is just 2-3 weeks in August. You can go from the ocean to hiking trails in under half an hour. There's a reason the state motto is The Way Life Should Be!


I loved the Danno song. It's a nickname I got while wrenching in a bicycle shop in my late 20s. I joke around and tell people it's because when I was a kid my mom would always say, "Dan No!" And it kinda stuck...

From Heth Bull 

Please give a shout out to my 3 nephews and family aka Java Lava. Photo added with permission.
We had great fun with them and they worked really hard raking the grass so wild flowers could grow well and that helps the wildlife, at Poole_Man 
Paul Weaver conservation CITO at Lorton Meadows, Dorset Wildlife Trust on 29/8/15.

There was about 20 people there, as many said, it's about quality not quantity:


And many said how it was a very friendly event, very welcoming and great to see all having fun and mixing with those they knew and didn't know - thanks Paul! smile emoticon 

From Heth aka Cache on Wheels

Nemesis Geocache..

Audio from Chris Gore

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

Miss out on several FTF’s close to home, so close I could see it.

Shortyknits twisted the knife :D


GGH Tips…

Puzzler26 (a noted hider of clever #geocaches in Metro Detroit) talked in "GGH 171: Puzzler26" about his experience constructing using different material. He began working with wood for its flexibility but has since moved to PVC. He's not done experimenting yet as he's been playing with caches made from composite decking material. It's a continuing process to find what works and what doesn't and he's happy to share his experience. Are you sharing yours?

Ask Dr D..

Virginia Damian Cranwell 

Tips for dealing with Muggles while caching?

GeoPauls Video Of The Week..




Ey Up Me Duck Challenge..

Septembers Challenge is to find a Geocache with an animals name in its title.

Facts of the uselessness..

Justin Faucette ‏@UncleBeard

 I thought this might be useful for Dr D's random facts of uselessness

Brian Lang ‏@brilang

Hey , I found a replacement for Dr. D's random facts of uselessness. 

The Obligatory Doctor Who Bit..