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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Apr 27, 2014

Join us this week for The GCDoc Interview...

Last Week...

Our interview with appeared on the Opencaching North America Blog


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How did our puzzle solving go?

GC4R5N3 MVP by StanleyPopTart

Next puzzle... sent by Mark Pickard

GC3QHMG Tree Beard by Miners Daughter

Because of Geocaching...

moan-a-lot says "because of geocaching I learnt Mam Tor was a hill and not a mountain"


From Dave DeBaeremaeker

Heya fellas!

So I just listened to the latest episode about travelling with
kids, while biking into work.  Lots of good tips, but I think you
missed some important ones related to travelling with really small
kids. I thought I'd share some lessons learned while travelling on my
own road trips.

For reference I have a 4 year old son named Zeke, and a 2 year old
daughter named Abigail.  I started both on long road trips when they
were 4 weeks old, and at this point both have been on many multi-week,
multi-thousand mile road trips.

So some tips:

1) Add extra time for kid maintenance.  I used to call this Zekey time
in the schedule.  Young kids, especially newborns, require frequent
feeding and diaper change stops.  So I always added in a half hour to
the schedule for every 2 hours planned on the road.

2) Know your kids nap schedules, and plan accordingly.  Young kids
function best when they stick to a schedule.  Both of my kids liked to
nap at around 2PM for a couple hours, so I tried to plan my day so
that we'd do the touristy things like museums, parks, hiking,
geocaching etc. during the morning, and planning on simply driving for
a solid 2-3 hours in the afternoon.  This let the kids burn off energy
and have fun in the mornings, and sleep at normal naptimes in their

3) Limit distance.  I try to limit the drive time to 5 hours a day.
As they get older this gets longer, but in general 5 hours allows us
to get some distance in, and still lots of time for doing things along
the way.  We have done 8 hours at a stretch, but those were days where
we knew we'd not be back in the car for a few days.

4) Keep spares handy.  Spare diapers, spare change of clothes, spare
towels for wiping up spills.  Nothing sucks more than having to pull
over on the side of the road to change your 2 year olds cloths because
he had an accident, and having everything buried in the bottom of the
luggage pile in the trunk.  I kept spare towels, diapers, and clothes
in a bag under their seats so I never had to go digging for things.

5) Keep a lot of toys handy.  Between the front seats in our minivan
we kept a box of toys and books - a lot of em  - 10-15 or so.  Young
kids have small attention spans, and they drop things easy, so having
a large supply of things at hand to pass to them keeps kids happier

6) Same for snacks.  I keep an extra sippy cup and some snacks in the
front of the car that can be passed back at need.  Even a 1 year old
in full tantrum has trouble resisting a cookie.


Ask Doctor D...

From DarrylW4 - Should I post a "Needs Archive" log if I can't find a Geocache and I'm sure its not where it should be?

News & Events...

by The Inbetweeners | GC52A50 | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Welcome Back.........The Wanderers Return
by the griswalds n dogs | GC4ZGAK | West Midlands, United Kingdom

by Harbcache | GC4CYMG | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Ooohhh Mr Darcy pt2
by cooper troopers | GC51NBZ | East Midlands, United Kingdom

GLD 2014
by The~Don | GC52EA0 | Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Meet, Greet and Cache at Croome Park NT
by Croome Cachers | GC52H3R | West Midlands, United Kingdom

Wirral Gnome Swap
by Wirral Gnome Society | GC4YX8Z | Northwest England, United Kingdom

by The Magna Defender | GC52P6E | Northwest England, United Kingdom

BBH#77 Bordering on the Puddings... Mmmm
by Bozoid | GC53BD6 | Eastern England, United Kingdom

Abusing Cheap Flights #2: The Bullring Beckons
by THE_Chris, Goldcircle & sarahmur | GC50YEP | West Midlands, United Kingdom

It's been bloomin' ages!
by Bobo Frett | GC52FF4 | East Midlands, United Kingdom

The Happening 30
by Barny Wol | GC5391B | Eastern England, United Kingdom

KT 36 "The Cacheless KT at the Cat"
by KhoomThropp | GC51ARV | Northwest England, United Kingdom

by Avanclan | GC53BP5 | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Other News..

This week saw the launch of a new website

Cachepads is a website where you can search an area for places to stay, Geocache friendly places, some owned by other Geocachers, who are offering you the chance to stay with them in their homes, whilst visiting the area.

Each host will offer different facilities, but all will be 'Geocacher friendly' and be able to give you a bed for the night and some local knowledge to enhance your Geocaching experience. announced their new Community page this week, you can find it at  There's a bunch of stuff on there including sections for users to submit ideas, questions and make requests.  There is also a resources page with a lot of information ranging from how to geocache to sneak previews of the new site. announced the newest cache type this week, on their blog.

A Giga-Event Cache is an event that is attended by 5000+ people. These events are similar to Mega-Events and may include activities, could last several days and are usually held annually. Since Giga-Events are so rare, they attract geocachers from all over the world.

You can find out more about Giga events at the FAQ page set up by have released part 3 of their Geocaching story, featuring Haver Hawkings. Terrapene Ornata Part 3.  It has an ending that will capture the imagination of younger geocachers.

Video of the Week...

Hidden Puzzle Cryptex Geocache by Geocachespoilers

The GCDoc Interview...

All the videos mentioned in the interview can be found at The GCDocs YouTube channel

The Geocaching Vloggers videos, mentioned in the interview can be found at

Svens videos, aka Geocachespoilers, can be found at

Geocache mentioned

The Troublemaking Spy GC3BNZG