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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Nov 1, 2015

Ey Up Me Duck Challenge..

Octobers winner Anteaus


Scott Berks

Gave ya three in case you thought I might be reaching with one of them.

Blob-Fred J Dukes


The Blob was a horror movie in the 50’s. Horror goes with Halloween.

W.T. Evil


Evil and Halloween go hand in hand

Belmont Cemetery 1881


Cemetery’s and halloween, a perfect combination.



I have just reviewed my October finds to date, and I see I have found several caches that could meet the theme of this month's challenge.


Whatcom Spirit Quest -- Maple Falls GC139FP (found just outside a cemetery)

R.I.P. MARQUEZ GC1WE06 (found just outside a cemetery)

Dead Men Tell No Tales Pirate Cache GC11WT2


Dead Reckoning GC5X3NJ

November Challenge:  

To Find either 1 cache in another country or 2 caches in 2 counties

Patreon Thank You’s…

StaticJay was FTF on our Patreon page.

Damian The Aussie got STF

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Ask Dr D…

Before we get into the main audio, there is a special Ask Dr D this week.  Recorded live on Periscope, on the way to meeting Moan-A-Lot.

This Week..

A departure from our normal format.  This show was recorded whilst doing the GWW series by -=MMT=- Seri & T907.  We were joined by Moan-A-Lot and The Silent Searcher, it soon becomes apparent where the names come from.

For a full list of the caches in this series go to

Not all of the normal show is mission as Moan-A-Lot manages a Dumb Stuff moment (listen for the splash), Doctor D gets us lost and our usual Benny Hill humour shines like a beacon in the Geocaching wilderness.

Also, if you want to actually see some of the series, we recorded video of some of the caches.  For that go to

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