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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Apr 21, 2014

Join us this week, on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast, as we discuss tips for road trips with kids

Last Week...

We went up Mam Tor in the Peak District, Doctor D and Ben Button grabbed a cache find whilst up there

Mam Tor A cache by Clare Harley - Peak District National Park GC4DVK5




Also picked up a book Kiddiwalks in the Peak District by John & Anne Nuttall.  Its full of walks suitable for doing with children - giving distances, terrain tips, fun things to see and do and background notes about the walks.



Because of Geocaching...

The GC Doc tells us his because of geocaching story.  Find him on Youtube


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Ask Doctor D...

Daryl Stocker Why don't male dogs cock their legs till they are at least two yeats old?

News & Events...

The Dragonlady Invites You #22
by fly2live2fly | GC5208H | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Another BAD hair day!
by OxfordLad | GC520PE | Southern England, United Kingdom

End of holiday celebration
by BaSHful | GC52MZB | Northwest England, United Kingdom

The Belly of the Weyre
by Cumru Draig | GC4PT9C | North Wales, United Kingdom

Camping with the Cavemen!
by 3 D | GC4WMDE | North Wales, United Kingdom

Pinga and Roo 8th Birthday Party
by Pinga and Roo | GC4WN8R | North Wales, United Kingdom

Swindon CW-09
by Slogger007 | GC52FTM | Southern England, United Kingdom

Other News...

Who would have thought that Hugh Jackman is a Geocacher?  He posted, on Instagram, a pic of his first desert cache find. have announced their 2014 Geocaching International Film Festival (GC51KH2).  Submission deadline: July 1, 2014

C:Geo has been updated - main updates include support for opencaching US, Romania and Netherlands. The app is available in the Google Play store.

Social Media: GeoPaulVlogger posted this on Twitter:

"What a strange morning #geocaching, I saved a baby lamb, was nearly shot by a shooting party and was bitten by a horse... All on film too :)"

Paul will be releasing this soon on his Youtube channel.

Video of the Week...

How To Make An Evil Magnetic Log Geocache by TheEvilGeocacher

Traveling With Children...


  • If you're taking devices; i.e., iPods, tablets, phones, hand held gaming machines, e readers  charge them
  • Clear the car out of anything not needed for the trip. That extra space will make the journey a little more comfortable and you won't have the stress of trying to fit more stuff in.
  • Administer any travel sickness remedies - tablets, bracelets etc.  Also make sure they make it in to the car, in an easy to reach place, with you.
  • Don't ask if anyone needs the toilet before you leave, insist they go to the toilet.
  • Prepare a bag, which will be easily accessible during the journey, that contains the things you will need during the journey. Chargers, drinks, snacks, etc.
  • Think about how you want the kids to be entertained during the journey. Pre-load devices with films, games, books etc.  Plan surprises - keep a couple of things back to surprise the kids with if they're looking bored.
  • Headphones - three films, games, etc playing at the same time can be distracting.  Headphones can be a godsend.
  • Pack wipes, towels, sick bags etc. Just in case.
  • Load some caches along the route in to your GPSr/phone. Try to plan them around when you'd expect to take breaks.
  • Take a couple of outdoor toys; e.g. a football.  If you stop at a service station with a grassed area, the kids can burn off some energy

The Journey...

  • Smallest in the middle.  Two main reasons.  One, so you can see out the rear view mirror.  Two, the smallest tends to swing their legs.  After a few hours of little feet banging the back of your seat you may be a little on edge.
  • Take regular breaks - how often will depend on how far you're travelling.
  • Keep everything you need for the journey close to hand.
  • Make it as comfortable as possible; loose comfy clothing, pillows etc
  • Take a spare set of clothing