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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Mar 7, 2016


StaticJay rant about Moan-A-Lot

Moan-A-Lots new FB group

Countries we’ve experienced?

Before you go -

In date passport -  Miss Watto’s ran out before we went to Ireland

Do you even need a passport?

Think about what you wear when when travelling, it can cause an inconvenience at the airport.

Mobile data - after breathing and a passport, the most important thing for most modern travellers.  Jamie got a good deal on his. I used EE add on (#5 per day for 100mb of data)  3 feel at home PAYG 15 quid top up, has went up to 25 I think. But 20GB data good calls and text packge. Need to check country's available. In a previous conversation with DW4 he mentions that in the states you roam to T-Mobile with it and they are shit out of the city.

Travel insurance - compare the market sites are ok, but there is a reason that cheapest deal is so cheap. This is one area I won’t skimp on.  I use my bank acc. Most people forget to check if their bank offers this as part of their acc and end up paying for a service that have already paid for. E1 11 form.

How much luggage? Can you get away with travelling light; ie, one carry on bag with a few bits of clothing in? Remember who you are travelling with. When I travel with Miss Watto, I know we’ll need to pay the extra for putting luggage in the hold.

Be aware of how much you can take, weight restrictions and size restrictions.

Consult the locals -

It’s an internet world and we’re geocachers, it’s a small but mostly friendly community. Find a FB group for the area you’re visiting and get as much local knowledge as you can.  Not only about Geocaches, but also places to visit, eat, stay etc.

Geocaching -

Pick out some of the more interesting caches in the place you are going.

Pre-load them on to your GPSr - CHECK that the GPSr is working BEFORE you leave home (mine wasn’t).

GoPro have linked up with Periscope

Be aware of any rules for the place you’re visiting. In Cuba GPSr’s and phones with location trackers are illegal.

Geocache in North Korea GC2BE9D GC2BE9DОва е дел од текстот кој ќе се Test

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