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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Feb 23, 2014

600 by 600p 18This week on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast we have the top 10 favourite Geocaches in the UK.

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Coming Up...

On episode 19, we look at the Country Side Code.  Also coming up are interviews with Open Caching US and GeoPaul (UK Geocaching Vlogger)

Crazy week...

Collin from the UKGCPodcast stepped in last week to help BananaSource host.

BananaSource appeared on episode 111 of The GeoGearHeads podcast to talk Geocaching Mac apps.

Help....Miss Watto and BananaSource need help with a cache in the North East.  Its the glamorous Sewage Works View GC3JYHG.

Because of Geocaching...

DudleyGrunt shares his Because of Geocaching story.


Tony Liddell Ok kids, here goes:- I'm looking to put out a few new caches what sort of location should I look for?

News & Events...

Vorcanus meet and greet
by Vorcanus | GC4Y4F4 | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Mad March Meet VI Yorkshire
by Eeee Bi Gum an Er Indoors | GC4XPB7 | Yorkshire, United Kingdom

East of England Mega 2015 Preliminary Event
by Bee of Good Cheer | GC4YPXD | Eastern England, United Kingdom

Other News...

Monster Cache - Monster Cache is a virtual geocaching game for GPS-enabled Android and iOS devices in the United States and Western Europe.  We have some audio of Eric Barr from Monster Cache explaining the game. This audio was kindly provided by the Hikerjamz Geocaching Talk Show

Video of the week...

GeoPaul Halloween Special by GeoPaul

Top 10 UK Geocaches...

10.  A, Alphabet Soup (Alphabet Soup)
by smart451 | GC2M97J | East Midlands, United Kingdom

277, placed 12/2/2011. Traditional cache.

9.  Cuckoo Cache (could be anywhere)
by The Wombles | GC4C35 | South West England, United Kingdom

278, placed 12/4/2002.  Unknown cache.

8.  16th Century Pub (Central London)
by The Wombles | GC4E4B | London, United Kingdom

283, placed 17/04/2002.  Virtual.

7.  Paddington Dare (W London)
by Chris n Maria | GC3B88 | London, United Kingdom

290, placed 19/002/2002. Virtual cache.

6.  Ye Ole Survey Monuments- Sands Of Forvie
by outforthehunt | GC45CC | Northern Scotland, United Kingdom

340, placed 19/2/2014.  Virtual cache.

5.  London - Beatles Abbey Road
by Tree Hugger | GC6F12 | London, United Kingdom

349, placed 10/7/2002.  Webcam cache.

4. Stonehenge
by Northern Trekker | GCA68D | Southern England, United Kingdom

361, placed 29/10/2002.  Virtual cache.

3. The British Library
by Nickie! & Brian~! | GC2M0AF | London, United Kingdom

398, placed 3/1/2011.  Multi-cache.

2. Royal Observatory Greenwich Cache
by MiketheFiddler | GCK7HH | London, United Kingdom

658 finds, placed 8/8/2004.  Virtual cache.

1. The Tin Pan Alley Band
by goldpot | GC2C1NN | London, United Kingdom

750 finds, placed 20/7/2010.  Traditional cache.


On Episode 16 we announced a competition giving away a Work Zone 3 Piece Inspection Tool Kit.  This pack contains a telescopic inspection mirror, magnetic pickup tool with LED and a magnetic parts tray.  To win this prize, all you need to do is answer this simple question:

In episode 15, what was so tasty Dr D had to record it on video?

Answer:  Hot Chocolate









The winner is

Corey Stevens