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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Jul 20, 2014

As the arrangements for the UK Mega Essex 2015 gain momentum, we catch up with the chairman of the committee Geocass to find out what plans are already in place.

Contact the show at:


Last Week..

Trip to the Peak District.

Barclays Hope 1 by The Barclay Howlers GC4WDTH

Barclays Hope 2 GC4WDV4

Barclays Hope 3 GC4WDW2

Barclays Hope 4 GC4WDWY

Barclays Hope 5 GC4WDXH

an idiot

Because of Geocaching..

Geocass tells her because of geocaching story.


Japanese Doctor Who:

Jim Bay: I challenge Dr D to make a Dalek suit like the one in this vid. You can make the sonic screw sword to attack him with

Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do..

Nature comfort breaks...

Nemesis Cache..

Walk on the Winged Side #6 A cache by Four Hills - GC38N4N

Ask Doctor D..

Daniel Bull What does dr d think about 7 souvenirs of August?

Travelbug Race..

Ours has travelled 235 miles - has been to the Tour De France and is now residing in South Wales.

The Monkey King's Southern S@m trackable has done 138.6 miles and is currently in Vicoria, Australia.

News & Events..

Cache On Wheels: Our 11 yr old son Geo oly is hosting his 2nd event, on Sunday 3rd August 1-4pm at Dorchester Borough Gardens: a Picnic in the Park  we are so proud of him - we look forward to seeing some of you there, it's great to encourage our Geokids. Picnic In The Park GC58D9G

A Splish Splash Souvenir Flash 
by mattd2k | GC58GKV | South East England, United Kingdom 6/8/2014

BOAT ONLY paddle to nowhere (EVENING EVENT) 
by thepanteras | GC58XMG | Eastern England, United Kingdom 31/7/2014

London Event @ Doggett’s on the Thames 
by Rowpot | GC58CDH | London, United Kingdom 30/7/2014

Valley Park CITO Event (August 2) 
by beezers958 and Blue Crow Expedition | GC5914K | Wisconsin 2/8/2014

Peace River Meet & Greet 
by rzrpretty | GC58FQQ | Alberta, Canada 3/8/2014

" BALI " Caching Catch Up With " OOH YEH " 
by OOH YEH | GC521TM | Indonesia 24/7/2014

The Socializer 
by Rapidlywild & FurfacesLL & specimenX | GC58GAZ | Australian Capital Territory, Australia 3/8/2014

Have you ever seen a Russian cacher? 
by nahodka | GC58RWN | Vietnam 27/7/2014

Other News..

Found property, Seminary Street: A man reported at 8:04 p.m. July 12 that he'd found a bag containing marijuana, three syringes and a spoon while geocaching with his family at the Victims of Crime Memorial Garden at Coe Lake. Police took possession of the items.

Terracaching - has had a massive facelift

Chicago Geocacher - Best news EVER Scott and Walt are back

GAGB Magazine Seeker released last week

Video of the Week..

Geocaching - Very Clever Snail Cache! by Geocaching Adventura

Geocass Interview..

UK Mega Essex 2015 website:

Geocaching Association of Great Britain: