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Come for the Geocaching, stay for the offensiving

Jan 4, 2015

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Last Week/Year..

Two DNF's is all we have to show for ourselves when it comes to Geocaching, since the last show.

Our goals from 2014..

BananaSource - hit 600 cache finds (we were on 400 at the time).  So 200 in the year.  Also to go to more events.  We'd set the goal of going to the Kent Mega.

Doctor D wanted to up that number to 1000

CacheZilla set a goal of 400 for the year

CacheZilla wanted to send out a trackable.

Doctor D wanted to start Geocaching by himself.  With an aim of 20 for the year (his ambition holds no bounds).  He also wanted to hide a cache too.  He also set a podcast goal of getting Miss Watto and Josh (eldest son) to appear on the show.

Listener Goals..

From Gary (aka Wet_Coaster)

Brilang (From Twitter)

Yup. I'm well on track of beating my 1200 goal for the year. In fact, I should pass 1500 this year. But #ItsNotAboutTheNumbers

I think I will set the same 1200/year goal. It's not that big a stretch to find 25/weekend :)

From Luke (aka Whatshappenin) - Check his YouTube Channel

tsiolkovsky (From Twitter)

my goal was to get to 2000 #geocaches and to qualify for an A-Z puzzle challenge, both of which I achieved

Elisa (scrapcat) had 4 for 2014:

1. 1000 days of consecutive caching (completed last Wednesday)

2. 5000 finds (completed that last Wednesday, also)

3. Total Multi finds of 210 or more. (I'm currently at 207 and have several on my radar).

4 Claim 12 Earth Caches this year. (I will end the year with 9).

3 out of 4 isn't bad

Dave DeBaeremaeker 

My only true goal this year was to complete my geocalendar, which I did on Nov 15.

I have longer term goals like finding caches in all 50 US States, and 10 Canadian provinces. I added 3 more to my list this year, so progress made there. It will still be a multi-year effort.

I also have a general goal of adding more countries to my stats, and hopefully next week I will add a new one (thanks to a work trip).

Audio from StaticJay

Our Goals for 2015..

Find 365 caches

Hide more caches, in particular our Doctor Who related cache

Have fun

Attend more events

As a stretch goal, fill in our Geocaching calendar dates