OYNB Challenge: Day Eleven

Challenge guided by One Year No Beer website.


I’ve used it for many things. From helping me get off to sleep to de-stressing during the workday. I’ve never used it to battle a craving though. I guess it’s worth a go, it works so well in other situations.

Not a lot to say today really. I am finding it ironic that since I stopped drinking my depression got worse for a while and now my gout has returned. These aren’t reasons to start drinking again. Its quite funny, in a warped way.

OYNB Challenge: Day Ten

Challenge guided by One Year No Beer website.


There is an “and finally” part of todays exercise, which is stop caring what others think about going alcohol free. There are a four tips before that one, but I see them as steps to that final one. In the case of not drinking, I’m already at the stage of not caring what others think and have been from day one.

One of the other five tips I will be implementing though. Which is to try to arrange social activities that don’t revolve around alcohol.

Whenever I met up with my eldest son, before lockdown, it was often at the pub. We’d have a couple of pints and a catch up. He’s now getting in to hiking, a common interest we can replace the pub meet ups with.


I won’t lie, this last week has been draining. Over the weekend I hit a real low point, a real deep and dark depression. Doing some research I now know this is part of the brains healing process. Things aren’t perfect now, but I feel like they’re slowly getting better.

OYNB Challenge: Day Nine

Challenge guided by One Year No Beer website.


Uh oh!

Eat a better, more balanced diet.

I’ll get on to it. Seriously though, I’ve done this before and for a sustained period. I know what to do, it will just take adjustment to the food we buy in the weekly shop.

We already do part of the process. Weekly food prep for one, with healthy options that can just be re-heated. This takes out the temptation to go for a “quick, easy” snack. This is the trick for me. Make it easy, take away the temptation by limiting the options. If there are no snacks in the house, I will rarely go out to get some.

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

But, I do need to work on drinking more water during the day.

OYNB Challenge: Day Eight

Challenge guided by One Year No Beer website.

What Do I Want?

It took a while to differentiate this one from the Why’s exercise from Day One. I know what I want and why I want it. Not sure why it took me so long to realise that todays exercise was more about using willpower to overcome the “want” to have a drink to the mindset of just not wanting a drink at all. Getting to the point where alcohol isn’t really that important.

Part of that will be replacing alcohol with healthy habits. For me, at the moment, that is blogging, reading more and walking my dog. As I go further, these habits will be:

  • To be back in the gym (when we’re allowed and I’m back to decent health).
  • Meditate more – I enjoy it, but don’t put enough time in to it.
  • Hiking in my favourite places.
  • Taking some courses – I’ve always wanted to get that A Level in physics.
  • Seeing more of my family – again lockdown dependent.

All that feeds in to getting back to what I was like about a year and a half ago. Five stone lighter, working out daily, full of energy, good habits (most of the above). But I wan’t all of that WITHOUT the alcohol, which I have never done – it has always been there to some degree. I’d be fine five days of the week, then weekends would be a washout due to hangovers. I want the weekends to be productive, fully of activity, or restful.