Cache A Day Challenge April 3rd

I’ve decided to challenge myself to finding a geocache everyday for the month of April. The goal being to finally fill an entire month on my geocaching calendar and to get me out and about in the evenings, while the weather is nice.

Today is day 3 and it nearly didn’t happen, I also realised how poor I am at Geocaching streaks. Also a question is posed, do you HAVE to complete a geocache series, or is it okay to have one or two not found?


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2 thoughts on “Cache A Day Challenge April 3rd

  1. Re complete series.
    We do like to complete a series and are More Liable to use a PAF or 2 or 3 on a cache in a middle of a series as we rarely go back to relook later. We have loads of incomplete series’ with a dnf or two in them, especially from our early days of caching when we hadn’t come across the vast variety of caches we are now used to. We always say we’ll come back and grab these at a later date when we’ve chatted with a PAF about what it could have been but actually rarely do. If the series consists of geoart though, we try our hardest to get them all and if we’re away in the van, we will work out the shortest route back to a dnf to (hopefully) turn it into a smiley after I’ve emailed CO asking for extra help!

    Good luck on your month of caching! You definetly jinxed the weather. Were you in the hail today?

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    1. Denise, definitely couldn’t leave a geoart series incomplete – that would break me I think lol.

      Worse case scenario is the caches being archived before completing the series. I’m in Poshrule territory and that has happened….but then if I wait long enough he places another series along the route lol.

      No hail down here yesterday. But we do have frost today. We’ve gone from summer to winter within 4 days.


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